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Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 21 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

501. “Through observation we see the man who seeks to achieve perfection. We see the man who needs to have total control. We see the man who doesn’t care and we also see the man who pretends to not care yet he does. Those who seek perfection and total control. This is an illusion. Man was not created to be perfect or in total control. This is reserved for God alone. For the one who is without care he has received his just reward. For the pretender. It’s time you choose a side. No one remembers the one who rides the fence.” 

502. “The voice of God is life itself. And at the Word of His Command, man has life and can have eternal life. Halleluyah!” 7/16/15

503. “This word Halleluyah I once did not say. This word Halleluyah I once thought was quite weird, strange and out of the ordinary. This word Halleluyah means “Praise the Lord.” This word Halleluyah I began to write expressively and with confidence. This word Halleluyah I would say every once in a while. This word Halleluyah I began to say more frequently. Now this word Halleluyah, I find myself saying often. Praise the Lord!” 

504. “Many have steps, many have rules, regulations and rituals. But only One is love and reveals love and this is Christ the Lord! 7/16/15 (Deities and Religions and Love)

505. “There’s but one thing that is root cause and foundation to all mankind. The very thing that frees him. The very thing that compels him—This is love. This is why many are drawn to it. Ask for it. Seek for it. And knock at the opportunity to experience it. This will continue to be why a man will leave the life, religion and culture he has known for much of his life, so that he can know love.” 7/16/15

Inspired by and dedicated to the many Muslims who courageously left and abandoned their faith in Islam to follow Christ the One True God.

506. “If a man of the greatest wealth chooses to invest himself into those of the lowest of stature, that surely testifies to the quality of his character, in which is pure, and to the measure of his character, in which is priceless—this is Jesus!” 7/17/15


From the Greek word diakonos, phonetically pronounced: (dee-ak'-on-os)
Meaning: a waiter, servant, administrator. It’s origin comes from two other greek root words: diákonos (from diá, “thoroughly” and konis, “dust”) – properly, “thoroughly raise up dust by moving in a hurry, and so to minister. 

Ministry (sacred service defined by scripture): To be quick [hasten] to serve the Lord and second, serve others as the Lord did. For He has said: For even the Son on Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).

1249 /diákonos (“ministry) in the NT usually refers to the Lord inspiring His servants to carry out His plan for His people – i.e. as His “minister.”

[A. T. Robertson, “1249 (diákonos) properly means ‘to kick up dust,’ as one running an errand.”

This root (diakon-) is “probably connected with the verb diōkō, ‘to hasten after, pursue (perhaps originally said of a runner)” 

This ministry to the minister of the Lord is to hasten after and pursue what the Lord has decreed for His ministers of the Gospel to do as we can see in the running of Elijah and the hasting to do the Lords will and equally being caught away by the Spirit (see 1 Kings 18:46, Acts 8:26-39).

507. “All ministries do not start official on paper, but official in deed.” 

508. “This is the first ministry in the service of all things created in the name of love, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’” 

509. “The Lord God is ministry, as God is in the service of others.” 

510. “When is a relationship a relationship? When two know each other personally, intimately and powerfully. Therefore, if we be in Christ, all Christians ought to know their Lord relationally and not settle for only inviting people to church to hear from a pastor. God in Christ has called all His people to tell the world of Him.” 7/20/15

511. “Pastors have a burden for seeking out and saving the lost. It is a burden they did not ask for yet it is a burden we all should desire to have! Jesus is that good shepherd who seeks out and saves the lost. Let us give thanks to God for our pastors wherever they may be. Let us lift up our pastors and all pastors, for by the call of Jesus they have responded to the most excellent and burdensome of positions—pastor, teacher and shepherd over God’s flock.” 7/20/15 

512. “When we dare to believe for what lies beyond the fog of time passed by, God will meet us with His action and the result that we shall experience is the promise we heard and received long ago, becoming our tangible reality. Don’t forget but believe.” 7/20/15 (inspired by B.A.R. “Belief.Action.Result.” 

513. “It’s through effective communication we experience growth. Effective communication is always striving for the truth to win out. By doing so, it’s genuine, sincere, honest, without bias, pre-conceived notions or prejudices.” 7/20/15

514. “We may be approached, or we may hear or we may read: “Christians all come to believe in Jesus through emotion and its not base off of an intellectual decision. ‘Believe by faith’ is their motto.” However in being a Christian myself and being an observant man and a man that has common sense, I can confidently say this without any bias or prejudice: “We are emotional beings yet we are intellectual beings as well. And in equally having emotions, thoughts and the ability to reason and utilize common sense, whether emotions play a big role presently in a decision or not, what I have come to see of all human beings and not just some. Emotions always play a vital role in any decision making although intellect is also exercised.” The man who hears the Gospel preached for the first time and emotions he wasn’t aware of get stirred up within him and he decides that very moment to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior showed emotion as well as intellect in his decision making, as he choose to believe and also receive and that takes intellect. Or the man who committed vile things throughout his life and through a series of events, later in his life, cries out to God to help him and forgive him, did so through emotion and intellect. Even the academic experiences the emotions of it all. Now he will confidently say he made his decision base on hard hitting facts, intellect and searching for the truth and removing the false concerning Jesus Christ as the risen Lord, yet, he will also reveal that sometime in his life, whether in his youth or secretly in his tenure in academia, he too, had or endured an emotional bout in his life. Thereby, through emotion playing a role, whether to pridefully keep us from Jesus, or playing the role of leading us all the while to Jesus, emotion plays a vital role and intellect is very much needed. Emotion and intellect—let us not excuse one or the other. But let us utilize both in which I am convinced is God-given to make a wise and informed decision that will also be expressed emotionally through our lives to impact those who we surround ourselves with and those we love.” 7/22/15

515. “For everyone to be spiritual at their own convenience and yet not know the discipline that humility and obedience brings, all that we are left with is, the natural trend in this world, the spirit of the age, another feel good notion and movement, and left behind is the dogmatic reasoning of old, we should suspect would be present in following the One True God; the Lord God of heaven and earth as opposed to the infinite gods, goddesses and anyone rich and famous in which their fans deify or even worse, they themselves have elevated them self to be like God. The sad fact is, for many this will remain the great deceit that shall rob them of truly knowing God, becoming their very demise that will inevitably do them in, until their belief in God is incontrovertibly true not for a time or for an intended purpose and end they seek, but because “God is truth and truth is God.’” 7/22/15 (inspired by Ravi Zacharias’ “Why Jesus?”

516. “Upon coming to Jesus, that He be your Lord and Savior through belief and confession, the Lord God breathes into you, and from that moment to your last breath on this earth and forevermore, all that you are will be reverberating with eternal life! Halleluyah.” 7/23/15 

Let the Breath of the Almighty Echo into your life…into your whole life.

517. “In the perpetual presence of the Lord is a renewed sense of speech. Instead of complaining and casting the reason for your problems onto others, you offer up a shout of praise to the Lord— ‘O Lord, you are good and your mercies endures forever!’” 7/24/15 

518. “My relationship with the Living God is not reading. My relationship with the Living God is not studying. My relationship with the Living God is not going to church. My relationship with the Living God is EXPLOSIVE! It’s personal, it’s intimate. It’s powerful. Halleluyah!” 7/24/15 (Not a piece of dry toast) 

Courtroom Proceedings

519. “When you are on the witness stand your opportunity to speak has been afforded to you by the judge. Do not give a lazy or a deceitful witness. Speak truth!” 7/25/14 4:57:25 a.m. 

520. “When you are called to the witness stand, see it as the only time you will be called and make the best of it! Maximize your opportunity to not be lazy or deceitful in your witness but be content to speak the truth.” 7/25/15

521. “You may get one chance to speak the truth. Make it worthwhile.” 7/25/15 

Boundaries In Marriage

522. “Ineffective communication gives birth to ineffective responses. Denial, denies words. Actions (through boundaries) allows a deaf person to see what you were trying to communicate. Our words are a flag indicating a foul has been made. Our actions result in the other experiencing a consequence. That consequence is that boundary now enforced.” 7/25/15

523. “All of God’s goodness is immediately poured into the new believer in Christ, yet He cultivates it and brings it to fruition at an appointed time. Halleluayh!” 7/25/15 (6 years running and in every area of my life Jesus is made known). 

524. “The moment of impact! When God’s goodness meets the broken man. The result? Lives are changed. Many are blessed. The future is hopeful for many generations and his history is laid to rest.” 7/25/15 Thank you Jesus

525. “When you come to faith in Christ there is an immediate forgiveness of sin and then some time later and this may vary from person-to-person, there is an initial purging of sin. The former is not quantifiable, yet the latter is personal, intimate and powerful. You will find yourself on your knees, crying like a little child and it will cleanse you, free you and prepare you to start being filled with the holiness of God.” 7/25/15

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