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Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 20 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

476. “Wisdom will tell you that a cause may be doing good but you are ill equipped to be hands on involved with it. Yet, equally, wisdom will tell you, now this cause, you are equipped and well able. Be hands on for it!” 7/10/15

We become impassioned about a cause yet we know very little of it and how to go about the business of dealing with those who receive a need through it. In such a case, we can be involved with it through giving of our money, praying and encouraging those who are hands on. Now on the other hand, we come across a cause and we know we are equipped and well able. Let us not only look to support it financially, but offer prayer, encouragement and roll up our sleeves to lend a helping hand!

477. “If ill equipped and ill informed, let us not look to be a part of such a thing, as wisdom will show, we have not the background, education, experience and exposure to it! Anything else will result in failure.” 

A woman who has a mother with mental illness and has no education, understanding, background to go on nor has exposure to those who are familiar with such a disease, will think her mother to have gone mad, overcome with rage and hysteria or even possibly to be possessed by a demon. 

Yet if she have some background, familiarity, education and understanding of it, she will see the symptoms and either be able to treat it or go about some pharmaceutical regimen to combat the disease and ease the pain. Whether it be by ignorance or wisdom let us engage or refrain from such things accordingly.

478. “In Jesus making Himself known to me in a personal, intimate and powerful way. If I do not live in such a way now having known Him, to be an example of what is good, true, pure and lasting. I say, ‘what is the point of having life?!’” 7/10/15

479. “Like cats and dogs who are born with their eyes and ears shut yet can smell their mother and go near to her, so is the human race deaf and blind to the ways of God unless He draw us to Himself and makes Himself known. Yet, we just like these cats and dogs can learn an invaluable lesson. We also have one sense at work that knows God is drawing us to Himself. How I pray, we will use that sense and go to Him! Amen.” 7/10/15 (Cats & Dogs) Wisdom and Observation 

480. “He rules, reigns and remains in absolute and total control—this is Jesus my Lord.” 7/10/15
My Master, My Owner, My Provider and Protector...MY EVERYTHING!

Will We Paint A Masterpiece? 

481. “By the words we speak to ourselves and to one another, we will either shape our world to be like hell or to be like heaven.” 7/11/15

482. “When declaring positive and optimistic words into our lives and into the lives of others, it seems so unnatural. But now I see that Jesus was showing us all along, that the negative, defeatist, pessimistic words we trained ourselves to speak and were trained to speak, were actually the unnatural thing and God’s Word has actually been the natural thing all along! So when we hear, ‘I can do all things in Christ who is my strength’ this is quite natural. Yet, ‘the fool in his heart says there is no God’ is actually the unnatural thing. And when we hear, ‘we have been saved by grace through faith and not of works so no one can boast’ this is the natural thing, yet when we have heard and said, ‘there is no resurrection’ we have once again said the unnatural thing.” 

Servant & Leader: Servant Leader (we must become this)

483. “Be a ‘servant leader’ and whatever venue or sphere of influence your life will encounter, you will remain ahead of the game.” 7/11/15

484. “A servant and a leader is not one who stands before huge crowds. It’s one who lives with the purpose and passion of reaching a huge crowd when he stands before an audience of one.” 7/11/15

485. “A leader is not one who openly takes the credit for everything. A leader is one who openly shares the credit with his team—this is Jesus!” 7/12/15

486. “The finest prayer anyone can ever pray to the Lord God for is this: “Lord, help me to pray for others as I would pray for myself.” Why? Because you would never pray to God to do you any harm.” 7/12/15 

487. “A leader will never put himself first but he will always put others first. A leader doesn’t merely look out for his own interests but also for the interests of others. A leader doesn’t just do good for those he likes but also for all. A leader will live like I lived and do as I did, for I came to serve and not to be served.” — Jesus

488. “The Voice of the Lord begins as a whisper, then suddenly in the life of a believer, it is the very voice that drowns out every other noise around us— this is the call of Jesus!” 7/12/15 
(Game Changing Sunday) 

489. “I look upon the married couples in this world. I observe the husband and I observe the wife. I either witness intimacy or coldness. I either rejoice or I am greatly saddened. Yet, throughout it all. I remain hopeful because of the splendidness of the intimacy that is found in God and made known through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If it were not for Him, I could not have a hope for marriage and what it can be, based off of what it should be. Thank you Jesus for showing me true love.” 

490. “As long as the love of God is transforming me inwardly. I can be confident that His love will also be expressively at work through me.” 7/12/15 (there is hope in Christ)

491. “Relationships. It has been the area that I have experienced the greatest of defeats and the greatest of victories. So I tend to focus on that aspect. If we notice a failure, a rift, a shift, a downward spiral taking affect in our relationships. It’s time to reevaluate and reformulate our strategy, approach and plan of attack. Don’t keep doing the same thing, saying the same thing, reacting the same way if it isn’t producing quality results.” 

492. “I have said it before and I say it again: “In the presence of the Lord there is confession, there is increase and halleluyah, there is freedom!” What is this confession? ‘Lord, I can’t do it in my own strength.’ What is this increase? Now you are able to do it in the strength of the Lord and the power of His might. What is this freedom? You are free to let go of the past and not to pick it up again. The past hurts and mistakes. Even current struggles, knowing that He is faithful. And more often than not. The unforgiveness that chokes the life out of you and the capability to experience a flourishing life with healthy relationships. Yes, there is confession, increase and freedom in the presence of the Lord Jesus. Draw near to Him and call out to Him. His divine presence you will experience.” 7/14/15

493. “Husbands. Your wives are not the enemy. Stop speaking, treating and reacting to them as if they were. Stop antagonizing your wives and allow them to be the “help-mate” they were created and called to be. For they are divinely appointed and equipped to help you in every season. More often than not, the very prayers you pray to God, your wife is the answer to them. Therefore, husbands do not restrict your prayers from being answered by the disrespect, abuse and misuse of your wives. Remember, they are an extension of God’s grace, peace and mercy on this earth.” 

494. “God never forgets. He never forgets the dreams, the hopes and visions He has placed into your heart. Now let us never forget this: He’s the One who stirs them up in our soul.” 

495. “Conflict is temporary and always produces something good.” 7/15/15


An invaluable lesson from the life of ZACCHAEUS (Luke 19:8): Zacchaeus in essence was saying to Jesus “Lord, I choose you over riches. I choose to be impoverished rather than not knowing you.” Zacchaeus knew something through experiencing the presence of the Lord Jesus (Luke 19:1), that many of us fail to grasp—everything we have is nothing. Because Jesus is EVERYTHING and without Him we truly have nothing. 
(Luke 19:1-10 inspires! Zacchaeus’ AHA moment) 

496. “Our AHA moment is always to God’s glory.” 7/15/15

497. “Our AHA moment is one way God receives glory.” 7/15/15

498. “Our AHA moment is given to us by God.” 7/16/15

 A True Measure of A Leader
499. “One who is a leader is always willing and ready to acknowledge his team. For he knows that without them he has not establish himself a victory.” 7/16/15 
(Acknowledge & Know) 

500. “A leader does not acknowledge one because he is told. A leader acknowledges one, because he knows they are instrumental to his success. Like an ancient warrior who has a bow and arrow in hand—with them he has victory. Without, a sure defeat! 7/16/15

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