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Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 19 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

451. “If you come claiming an offense, an offense you shall receive. If you come in humility, grace and mercy you shall receive.” 7/6/15 (Grace & Mercy rather than the offense) 

452. “If you’re too busy looking at the offense you will miss out on the blessing.” 7/6/15 

453. “We expel so much energy holding onto past hurts, pains and mistakes. No wonder we have no strength to truly praise God, by walking in His love.” 7/6/15

454. “If I can forgive you for what you’ve done to Me. Why can’t you forgive each other?” — God 

455. “Beloved one. Remember, if you have not forgiven others, God cannot forgive you. For how could God forgive what has not forgiven and freed themselves from the burden of unforgiveness and resentment, in order to be forgiven? How does one receive something new if they are holding onto something old with both hands? They must let go.” 7/6/15 

456. “When pain is present, we retreat, we retaliate, we accept it or we cry out to God for help. Retreating makes you a victim. Retaliating never solved anything. Accepting it causes you to lose yourself. Crying out to God for help is the only answer. It produces this within you. Hope and faith. God may not always remove the pain or source of pain but He can strengthen us to persevere, endure and go through the fiery trials. With God, in the end, you will have emerged victorious and aside from now having hope and faith you also have love— Love for God and love for others.” 7/6/15 (Hope, Faith and Love through the trials of Pain) 

457. “God’s truth isn’t emotional. It isn’t partial to any party of people, thought process or preference. God’s truth however, can work on the side of emotion and also is powerful to penetrate the emotionless equally at the same time. The amazing thing of God’s Word as recorded in the Bible is that it encapsulates a peoples history, a world’s history, the geographic scope of civil unrest due to sin and how the Word of God isn’t shaken or influenced by any of it! God’s Word in which is truth; the constant and eternal truth, will always reign, rule and have the victory, over what is either static (motionless or without emotion), chaotic (without order), or driven by hate (too much emotion), and set it all back into His harmony, peace and order, where God’s Word like God’s love is the ever present state for which we live, move and have our being. Amen.” 7/7/15 (The Glory of God’s Truth as recorded in the Bible) 

458. “Jesus Christ is the greatest. His life and legacy are the greatest. There’s no one who can compare, compete with or say, ‘I have suffered more than Him.’ Jesus isn’t competing because there is no competition and for anyone to say they’ve suffered more, is to hear the men who are truly faithful to Christ, rise up with boldness and authority and say, ‘No you haven’t! Sit down you clown.’” 7/7/15

459. “If intimacy like vision and knowledge is lacking the relationship will perish and intimacy can be defined as follows: ‘That place we must go to where it stops being about you and becomes about the other, in thought, word and deed, so that you are presently capable of being completely there for them in the moment.’ Intimacy fails, when we do everything but what we should do. We play the part with a bunch of broken parts. Never really able to present the whole.” 7/7/15

460. “There is a time to pray yet there is always time to praise. We can be lead to pray and we can live to praise. We can be sure that our prayers are heard and we can praise God so that others will experience it. Know that your prayers are heard when prayed according to God’s Word immediately (1 John 5:14-15; Daniel 10:12), yet afterwards the powerful presence of God is made known through praise (Psalms 22:3).” 

461. “We pray and pray yet many times,there are those who see it to no avail and ask, ‘why hasn’t God answered?’ But those who know the Lord and walk in His ways know He answers prayers according to His will, immediately, yet reveals Himself through praise. When you have prayed. Let it be final and let your praise of God for His goodness and faithfulness have no end.” 7/8/15

462. “When humility has been what we have begotten, the wisdom and knowledge of God is what we shall inherit and what we pray for, is what is heard, and when it is heard, God commands wonderful things and in the midst of wonderful things we are certain to praise God and through our praise He will show up and be made known. Amen!” 7/8/15 (Daniel 9:23, Daniel 10:12 & Book of Psalms inspires!)

463. “Beloved one, let us remember not to treat strangers better than those who are actually always there for us. Yes, treat the stranger well just as you would like to be treated but let your treatment of those who are always there for you excel.” 7/9/15 (Galatians 6:10 inspires!)

464. “Projection is a death blow to a marriage. All marital relationships will either succeed or fail based upon each spouse either taking responsibility for his or her own actions or projecting failure onto the other and choosing not to take responsibility for anything.” 7/10/15

True Story. It’s what I did when I was married years ago. I was a champ at the blame game and proved only to be a coward and a failure of a husband. If only I know Christ then, I would’ve known humility, responsibility and confession weren’t signs of weakness but of victory, triumph, success and power!

I admit now when I couldn’t then, that I was a major contributing factor to my failed marriage. I would go so far as to say I was the only factor to the failed marriage. Why? Not because my spouse did not make mistakes because its human to do so. It’s because God has divinely appointed leadership onto the husband and he has been created with the unrivaled gifts and talents to lead his wife triumphantly and in all humility and wisdom for a successful marriage. 

The husband’s source for all this “marital ingenuity” is God Himself. As long as the man remains in God and God in Him, he has no need to doubt his ability to lead her and lead her well. Such successful leading is done through the love of God, reverence for God and humility before Him. These three “braided strings” are the determining factor if the man will be humble and obedient and remain humble and obedient before His God and before his wife. If he remains in Him, he remains in love and in God’s love, his wife is content, he is content, and God will always delight in the happy marriage.  

(Inspired by Kyle Idleman’s AHA Pg. 120 Kindle edition) and the Lord’s revelation to me concerning my failed marriage and all that it would’ve taken to repair and strengthen it, was in me humbling myself before him and confessing [acknowledging] my mistake and great need of Him so the marriage would not fail.


465. “God is not in the business of pretending. Let us take off the masks and reveal the real.” 7/10/15 

466. “We must press on with the Lord Jesus no matter the time, no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice, until every bit of our being knows with a resounding ‘Amen,’ that death has been swallow up in Christ and has no victory over us anymore!” 7/10/15 

Inspired by my struggles and concerns for righteousness to have its day and its way permanently in every area of my life until holiness is all that remains.

467. “In reflection of my life and whatever areas of weakness I may have or be aware of, it is but a matter of time when it shall no longer be, but the “God-man,” Christ Jesus, will be fully evident at work in me and through me to His glory and praise. Amen!” 
(goes with the above) 

468. “A rumor may seem nice but the truth is priceless.” 7/10/15 (inspired by the motion picture “Mortdecai”).

469. “In my struggles and concerns for righteousness to have its day and its way permanently in every area of my life until holiness is all that remains, I am confident that the Son of God, Jesus is His name, will manifest His glory splendidly in me and through me, so what is righteous and holy will be all that remains.” 7/10/15 (And I Say ‘Amen’)

470. “The holy life God calls all of us to is absolutely agreeable to a man, that is, the living being He has created in His image. However, the flesh, that sinful nature at work in him and through him, that says, ‘my will be done’ is antagonistic and in enmity with God and will never find His holiness acceptable.” 7/10/15

471. “When you come to understand and abide in this principle: “As we have opportunity let us do good to all especially the household of faith,” God will exalt you.” 7/10/15 (Galatians 6:10 inspires!)

472. “There is a false doctrine and a true doctrine. This is the false doctrine: Those who only teach what Jesus did. And this is that true doctrine: Those who do as Jesus did.” 7/10/15 (James inspires!)

473. “Religion. How I detest it for it serves only one purpose— to lead people astray from God. But if ever there was a religion undefiled and pure, it is to look after orphans and widows. Surely God is in agreement with that!” 7/10/15  (Book of James inspires!)

474. “There is a difference between ‘meaning well’ and exercising wisdom. We would do well to know the difference between the two.” 7/10/15

475. “It’s the Holy Spirit that is well versed. Praise His holy name! Amen.” 7/10/15 

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