Thursday, December 17, 2015

Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 18 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

426. “Even as God draws all men to Himself and no one comes to the Father unless through the Son, so it is with all men who are in Christ. The Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father. Those who abide in Christ also abide in the Father. Therefore, when God draws men to Himself they must come through you who are in Christ before they come to the Father. And so, I pray, O Lord, we who are like your ambassadors and are called to reflect your glory so men may see the good works of God in us and at work through us, let us ever be mindful that when we abide in you and you in us, we have the power and authority of your name and in your name, to speak Your Word so men can come towards you and be saved. Amen.” 6/24/15

427. “Jesus Christ is the most profitable choice a man could ever make.” 6/28/15

428. “Jesus Christ is the sure, confident, trustworthy and accurate revelation of God.” 6/28/15


429. “The Lord God of heaven and earth, Jesus is His name, is the wisest, the most knowledgeable, has the greatest understanding of all things. He is the strongest, the wealthiest, the richest and the most valiant. He owns everything, has everything and needs nothing. He is love, joy, peace and the prosperity that comes from it all rolled up in one. He is the surest, the most confident and never ever with doubt. He has no fear, knows no fear and casts no fear. He is the most dependable, the most trustworthy and the greatest friend any man, woman or child could ever have. He is the most compassionate, the most merciful and the most gracious. He knows it all and to our great amazement and awe He has done it all already. He knows the end, from the beginning and He has equally created all things before the foundations of the earth and set it into motion by the power of His Speech. He commands all things that are excellent, beautiful, profitable, purposeful and holy. He is the first Word and also the last Word. He is the beginning of grace and the end of truth. He is the Alpha in rank and the Omega in humility. He is fierce like a lion, cunning in execution like a serpent and tender-hearted in His love for His children like a dove. He soars above the chaos like an eagle, He is fruitful season in and season out, making Himself to be the grandest of fruit trees, the richest of soils and the most bountiful of harvests. He judges the whole earth in righteousness and His judgment is just, wise and sound. He’s the most forgiving, the most patient and is always slow to anger. He is healing to the weak, sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the mute and strength to the lame. He is life to the dead and eternal life to the reborn. He is redemption for the damned. He is freedom for the captive. He is salvation to the condemned. He triumphs over death and the grave. Satan fears Him. Demons bow down in fright before Him. He is the Maker of heaven and earth and all the sea and the fullness in which fills them all. Angels salute and praise Him. Mortals are able to personally and intimately know Him. His Father adores us. His Spirit can be given to His believers and followers to dwell inside them. His Word is alive and thriving forever and ever! He is the Son of God. The Prince of peace. The Counselor to the hurting and confused. He is the Law Maker and the One who upholds it, was willing to abide in it and faithfully enforces it. He is the sacrificial offering from God the Father to the human race to forgive and make atonement for all our sin. He is heaven’s Darling. Hell’s nightmare, Earth’s King and Lord of all! Halleluayh! He is the most unique, the most qualified, the most genuine and the most sincere. He is the Light of the world and equally the Light of all men. He is the Life and the Resurrection. He is nourishment to our souls and for our bodies as He is the Wellspring of Living water and the Bread of life come down from heaven. He is the epitome that everyone strives to be—that is Great. He is worthy to be praised and awesome to be worshiped. This is Jesus! He was, He is and always shall be the Living God. Amen!” 6/28/15 (THIS IS JESUS!)

*430. “Jesus Christ is absolutely intentional about revealing God truthfully to all who genuinely look to Him and sincerely call on His name.” 6/28/15

 The Father’s House

431. “It is written, ‘in my Father’s house are many mansions.’ Jesus is the Son of His Father’s house and He is equally the Kingdom of God. Jesus is also ‘in the bosom of the Father.’ So in a real sense, we can see the enormity of space in God’s heart, God’s house and in God’s presence for those who will love Him, when we look to Jesus and equally put our trust and faith in Him.” 6/28/15 

432. “An emotional response moves people. An intellectual response astounds people. However, a humble response frees people.” 6/28/15 (reflecting on one man’s emotional and intellectual responses yet his unwillingness to respond in all humility concerning God).

433. “When we genuinely and sincerely call out to God, He responds to us in truth. A most amazingly wonderful thing takes place. God makes known to us the truth that always was. He is real and is the Existent One—that He is, the Everlasting God who lives forever without beginning; without end.” 6/29/15 (July 3, 2009 “My Truth”)

434. “There is a wanting of the best of life and then there is a more glorious thing. A wanting of the Best who created life. This is that One I want.” 7/3/15

435. “A man without hope in God is a man most miserable. Yet how does one hope in what has not become a tangible reality to him? This reality that we can all embrace, experience and witness—this is Jesus!” 7/3/15

436. “You say you believe in what you can see. I say, with all the hypocrites in this world and the phoniness it has become you have very little to no belief.” 7/3/15

437. “Our busyness often creates a loud world for us in an already very loud world. When silence and solitude doesn’t fit into your full plate of plans, agendas and things to do, the still small voice of God will never be heard over the boom of your comings and goings. God’s voice often comes through intimacy and intimacy is not a loud or busy act.” 7/4/15 (A Sound of Sheer Silence). 

438. “GREAT QUOTE on the art of being still and trusting intimately that God is God. “When we all come to that very necessary and crucial place where we are silent on the outside [unmoved by the busyness of life] and surrendered on the inside [completely trusting God with all you are and have], intimacy will begin to exist between you and God and it will surpass what next steps you should take in your life, relationship or business but more so, it will cause you to hear His voice and His voice is not focused on what we consider important in life, but rather on His will, and God’s will is that everyone will come to know His Son Jesus. When intimacy is present between you and God your vision widen and it becomes about others as that is what Jesus lived and died for—for you and I.” 7/4/15 (Psalm 46:10 inspires! Along with Kyle Idleman’s AHA location. 723–727 Kindle edition) 

439. “‘AHA often begins in the stillness.’ God’s Word provides that peace.” 7/4/15 Location. 731 Kindle edition

440. “When you hear from God your fear is replaced with peace. Your busyness is replaced with order. Your anger is replaced with kindness and gentleness. You are no longer in a hurry but God’s grace has overcome you. You walk and live with purpose, you abide in His truth and you come to rejoice in the fact you are becoming that heavenly creature that sins no more. To hear from God is quite literally to be transformed into something new and to say goodbye to the old.” 7/4/15 (Do you hear from God? Such a question puzzles many and causes a look of bewilderment to come over them. They look at you as if you’re crazy. Yet if they did hear from God they would not have such a look or even asked ‘are you crazy?!’ They would smile and rejoice as they have indeed heard from Him, know Him and are at peace with Him). 

441. “The life of Jesus is just that—Life! For anyone who aspires to draw near to Jesus, like a most wonderful infection, toxic even, you too will have life and be awaken to eternal life.” 7/4/15 (The Beautiful Life That’s Altogether Intoxicating and Contagious) 

442. “What we aspire to in its purest form comes from God. The very aspiration to draw near to God in Christ comes from God Himself! For no one can come to Jesus unless God the Father draws them to Him. Therefore, that very aspiration to know Jesus we can with all confidence give thanks to God for it and that eternal life through salvation in Jesus alone, God receives all the glory and praise. Amen.” 7/4/15

443. “You can’t merely be informed about Jesus. You must become transformed by Him. The certainty of this happening is by calling out to Him in all sincerity and necessity of heart.” 7/4/15 

444. “Remember this tidbit: This world is performance based not grace based. It shapes and molds people to attain, achieve and receive everything by merit of their own achievements and accomplishments. Not so with God. We simply cannot do enough to receive grace and why would we? God’s love isn’t for the achiever but for the believer. Like a son or daughter who may believe their father loves them, they receive his love and never push it away. So is it with God’s grace. We receive His love by faith, showing our belief in the fact that He loves us.” 7/4/15 

445. “God’s impeccable timing is the standard for which all of Creation ticks around and around to.” 7/4/15

446. “Our skin; this flesh that God has given us is quite the remarkable and miraculous thing. Its glory is twofold as a powerful and divinely appointed boundary— to keep in what needs to function within us to keep us alive, healthy and thriving and to keep out what can harm us even fatally if it gets in.” 7/5/15 (Protect The Divine Boundary) 

447. “Jesus is all things to all men all the time. Whereas, in Christ, men have the divine ability to be all things to all men in [seasons] of time.” 7/5/15

448. “Now I see that God has done two wonderful things. Not only does He make a way when there is no way, but He is able to open our eyes to see what we couldn’t see—the way He has already established and prepared for us.” 7/5/15 Thank you Lord! 

449. “It’s quite evident the love of God is increasing in me. Yet this increase has always been available and this increase as it were has always been existent. This increase in love comes from and is made known through the Darling of heaven; my darling, Jesus Christ the Lord.” 7/5/15 Praise you Lord!

450. “Husbands, you by divine authority are the head of the household and the spiritual leader of your family. If you won’t grab a hold of your wife and lead her, she will never escape the darkness. Men, forgive the offense.” 7/6/15 (Leading Others Out From The Offense)

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