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Epic Quote 2015 (Part 22 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

 526. If we be in Christ, our confidence is that Jesus Christ our Lord is with us wherever we go and wherever we are at. For He has said, “I am with you till the end of the age.” Let us conduct all our activities as such.” 7/25/15

527. “The Lord who knows all the ways of man, knows their hearts and minds, sees past the superficial lines and the surface with which our paths cross, to what lies beneath.” 7/25/15

528. “At the heart of it there is a Judge. At the helm of it there is the Father. In all things there is the Lord our God.” 7/25/15

529. “When a marriage grows stale it often grew stale within the heart and mind of the spouse first. This is why healthy boundaries in which are effectively communicated not in the heat of the moment but at an agreed upon set time is a priority. Just as knowing the language in which your spouse receives loves and the language to reciprocate love back is a priority. Never should the choice be to leave the marriage to ‘find yourself’ or to ‘be free’ of the problem. That results only in carrying the insecurities, pains and deficiencies elsewhere. Take a wise stand for your marriage and choose ‘us’ rather than ‘you.’ That’s victory.” 7/26/15

In reflection of my previous marriage and lack of integrity as well as lack actions of love towards her. In my Lord it shall never again be so! Amen

The Joy of Marriage (This is Jesus)
530. “If you were having more sex outside of marriage then you do now being married, intimacy was never established and the bond is broken! But there is hope—Christ the Lord (Ephesians 5-22-33).” 7/26/15 

531. “They’re many accounts throughout the Bible that when God’s people began to praise God, His presence was made known as one who inhabits the very area they are in! Just like a family who moves into a new house, in a new neighborhood and by their presence and succeeding chain of events a people know the house is now inhabited. So it is with the people of God. When praise through belief goes up, in affect, His presence comes down and many events in the lives of these ‘people of praise’ become the proofs of His evident presence. Amen.” 7/26/15

532. “If a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ are above and a sea of witnesses are from afar, the earth is our present witness and she be accurate in her assessment. More often than not, our mannerisms give a more accurate testimony of what we believe and if we’re actually believing it and living it.” 7/27/15

533. “Intimacy is always needed to acquire a proper assessment of others. Once their spirit is ‘tested’ that is, proving whether or not what they say is what they live consistently (and this in no way is to place unrealistic standards on any individual especially if you yourself cannot produce them either), then and only then, should one consider another for the position available—whether it be in the office of a pastor, leader even a spouse.” 7/27/15

534. “There is a Tabernacle and Temple within the life of a man and in his marriage. The temple in which is his body is fixed and the tabernacle in which is his marriage is able to be in movement. The temple experiences sacrifice and worship to God for His faithful provision and the forgiveness of sin received by the unblemished sacrifice offered up prayerfully in which is graciously accepted by Him. The tabernacle experiences much of the same. There is sacrifice, yet the worship is unique in that two being one are able to worship God for His blessings upon wedded bliss.” 7/28/15

Both Equally Are From God and For God

535. “You say how is faith given to us from God. Aren’t we called to have faith in Him? Yes indeed we are called. However, faith is also deposited into us from the onset. And like something dormant it is revived and brought to life by hearing the Word of God. Halleluyah!” 7/29/15

Jesus is the Word of God. Not ‘a word’ from God

536. “Nevermore are we understanding of why we have sight and hearing then in this! We have sight to behold the glory of God and we have hearing to hear the voice of God. Both equally are truth. Both equally are Jesus Christ the Lord.” 7/29/15

We have eyes. We have ears. What is this sight? What is this hearing?

537. “Let not the pace of a man, be it slow or in haste, when coming to Christ to receive Him as Lord, be what qualifies or disqualifies him from receiving God’s grace and mercy. For many have come, as it were, tooth and nail to their Savior and others with no time to waste as if to show their life was in immediate peril. However we come to the Lord Jesus, let it be God who alone is wise, who judges the intent of the heart. Amen.” 7/29/15

538. “The illusion of power is pointless. We must admit we have no power. Yet we have a choice and that can be powerful if utilized well and it begins with us (me; you) and not to be exercised over others for our own personal gain, amusement or their torture.” 7/30/15

539. “There’s believing in God for small things and then there’s believing in God for God things—take the training wheels off of your faith and remove the limitations of your belief in the Lord God. Dare to believe!” 

You’re settling for a live-in boyfriend. God has a honorable husband in mind for you. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You’re believing in God to provide for your next meal when He can provide meals for 5000 families. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You’re believing in God for healing when God has a resurrection in mind. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

Your faith in God for little morsels of blessings is like someone fishing with a cane pole with a piece of bread attached to the hook. God wants to cast a net at the right time and at the right place so you will experience blessings so enormous it will cause the net to rip! DARE TO BELIEVE!

You’re believing in God for an apartment to live in and He has a majestic temple; an eternal heavenly city ‘which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God,’ specifically picked out for you.  DARE TO BELIEVE!

The report says you’ll never have children. God has generational legacy in mind for you. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You’re okay with attending church on a Sunday, when God is calling you to intimacy with Him and global impact. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You see yourself as insignificant. God sees the answer to a nations debt. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You see yourself as a nobody. That no one wants you. God sees those who are praying for someone exactly like you! God made you wonderful. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You see yourself with many limitations. God sees abundance in you and for your future. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You think no one cares about you. You ask, ‘why doesn’t anyone notice me?’ You’re wrong! You are valuable; you are precious. God in the flesh died for you on a Cross with great suffering so that you would never think such a thing or asked such a question. DARE TO BELIEVE! 

You are more than your past. You are significant for your present. You are able to be with God and live with God well into your future. Dare to believe, dare to believe…DARE TO BELIEVE!

540. “Relationally speaking, expecting and accepting are cohesive to one another.” 7/30/15

541. “If you are afraid to speak of Jesus for fear of losing your job, you are unfit for the kingdom of heaven.” 7/301/5

542. “Just because we have the impulse to do something doesn’t mean we have to give into that impulse.” 7/31/15

All a work of time

543. “We can all agree on this. We are all impatient. God knows it all too well! However, we can all equally and unanimously come to this knowledge. None have waited longer for something good to come out of a bad or difficult situation than God Himself. He waits and waits and waits patiently may I add, for all to repent and turn back to Him, rather than willingly choose to keep doing life without Him and choose to believe He doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter. It’s all a work of time. Be patient. God is faithful.” 7/31/15

544. “Stop worrying about time lines or wanting to make unnecessary deadlines. That’s the act of faithless people. But be confident in God’s timing and walk with purpose and faith in His Word. If He has promised it, what is it to us to wait for Him to fulfill it? Is He not capable of doing exceedingly above and beyond what we could have thought or ask Him for? The answer in case you didn’t know or started to doubt it. Is a resounding yes!” 7/31/15

545. “What does it matter if you receive healing for your body if you die in your sins? Even if men claim to have the ‘healing spirit’ just as those who bamboozled many through tent revivals with the malpractice insurance of ‘it won’t work unless you believe.’ That is false! This is true: if you do not believe in God who Sent His Son Jesus, you die in your sins. Although healing comes to the body, without the resurrection there is no new life. Not because I say so, but because Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.” 7/31/15


546. “If you want to know about God in the form of a sinless man then read the Gospels. If you want to know the Lord God in all His wonderful complexities then read the entire Bible. But if you also want to know God personally, intimately and powerfully, then follow the Lord Jesus.” 8/1/15 

547. “If it takes twice the effort to be hateful, angry and combative with ourselves and one another, let us embrace love, grace, mercy and peace, and we will have twice the energy for what really matters. Just imagine all that we would accomplish with a double portion of everything good about God.” 8/1/15 

Think about it. More than half of our lives is spent doing something, being around someone and going somewhere. Why not walk in the nature of the Lord God and see what we could actually become a part of, who we could truly impact and where God could lead us, so that the legacy we would leave behind wouldn’t end up paraphrased in the obituaries on the back of a local newspaper, but carried on in the hearts, minds and souls of many. That is, in and of itself, God-like.

548. “We hear the saying, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness.’ This is ridiculous. As many of the prophets of old including Jesus Himself wore the same garments daily and were in surroundings that were dirty, dusty and cleanliness was far from their attire or their surroundings. However, this is the closest we will ever get to godliness—live like Jesus lived. Love like Jesus loved. And do it all unconditionally and sacrificially. Never for your own glory but to give all the glory to the Father in heaven. Do that without fault and your life is godliness.” 8/1/15 (Quite the tall order!)


549. “There are two periods in a man’s life as I speak directly to men. Before Christ and now in Christ. Who amongst us can say they are a leader? Let this be the measuring rod to which you see you are a leader and let this be the honest scales to which you are judged in being a leader. In Christ, you have unconditionally and sacrificially given of yourself without reserve and it has not known a break in a day from doing so! If we dare say we are a leader, heaven and earth shall testify against us and let us be proven innocent on all accounts.” 8/1/15

Now a man may say, “you, ‘being in Christ’ have not known what it is to be selfish or to relent from such selfless behavior?” The answer can very well be a yes even though the Lord knows as well as those close to you that you have wanted to be selfish and you have even uttered the desire to not do for others first, yet if the man abides in His Lord and conviction was present, he would not have given into such thoughts and desires but remains as it were, unblemished in that manner, before the Lord his God who judges the heart [the intent and carried out action] and not the outward appearance. 

Yet, even now, my Lord reminds me of such leadership qualities: That no man ought to complain or have an argument to raise up to God nor should he walk in doubt or questioning the judgment of the Lord his God to others. If he were to uphold such qualities, he shall still be imperfect, for this alone has been reserved for the Majesty of Heaven, the Lord God Himself, blessed be His Holy Name forever. Amen. Yet, he shall be a leader before the eyes to Whom he must give an account of his life to [what he did with it]. Halleluyah.

550. “This is leadership. Leadership doesn’t point the finger in blame and doesn’t say, ‘this isn’t my fault.’ Leadership is aware of the problem. Paves a way and implements the solution.” 8/2/15 

This quote is divinely inspired by the following: Don’t wait for your spouse to take the first step. Assume the first move is always yours. If you tend to be the passive spouse, let your mate know how risky it is for you to take initiative, and ask her to help you become more active. You’re in good company. This is how God does it. Even when he didn’t cause a problem (our sinfulness), he took the initiative to solve it (the Cross). Taken from “Boundaries in Marriage” pg. 56 Kindle Edition

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