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Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 23 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

551. “This I have said before and I shall say it again, ‘I desire to be the greatest preacher, evangelist, apologist and theologian.’ Yet in no way will I compete with someone for the position of greatness.” 8/2/15

552. “There’s a way of doings things so you complete the task at hand with very little impact and influence on others and this we witness often. Now there’s a way of going about the task however difficult, tedious and strenuous it may be to show the joy that is set before you, that will always impact, influence and be known as praiseworthy—This is Jesus and His Cross!”  8/3/15

553. “The only thing that is safe, is to trust what Jesus has to say.” 

554. “There are those who travel globally. And then there are those, whose love impacts globally—This is Jesus!” 

555. “We expel so much energy and waste so much time concerning such things as “original sin” and how come the whole of humanity fell, when Adam and Eve disobeyed and sinned against God. Yet these things are trivial in the grand scheme of things. What we need to know and be concerned with is this: God made us in His image. Jesus died for us on the Cross. Three days later He rose from the grave, paving a way for us to be forgiven of our sin, once and for all and through His sacrifice, we would know God’s great love expressed towards us. What is the conclusion? Obey His Word and you will live!” 

556. “There is immense revelation in the Son of God. Jesus is the revelation of God the Father. He is our revelation of knowing God and being loved by God. And this is revelation. All things inwardly and outwardly created. All things seen. Are the visible workings of an invisible God. So that all are able to see His handiwork and rejoice in Him. And this is revelation. Just like the invisible heart within the body that its endless workings have been made known, so is the Father in heaven always at work, resting not, so that we too, may experience the visible workings of His great love towards us.” 8/3/15 

557. “Humanity at its lowest and ugliest form, takes life and celebrates it.” 8/3/15 

558. “Know this! Faith isn’t a state of mind or an emotional response. It is a physical cause, actively in pursuit and fantastically at work, in you, through you and all around you for God’s glory and praise. Halleluyah!” 8/7/15 (birthed out of my walk with my heavenly Father and asking Him when I had worry and concern did that mean I had doubt and did not have faith). 

The question asked and the answer given: Is worry and concern the absence of faith and the presence of doubt? Only if you give it room to breathe and live.

He spoke into me, I heard and believed Him: Like a fire that starts out with a spark or an amber, if oxygen is allowed, a small spark becomes a flame and soon after an all out blazing inferno, that is alive and thriving having become a living organism that flourishes. 

So it is with worry and concern that can become doubt and lack of faith in Me. If you allow it to have room to breathe, it is no longer a small matter that can be quickly extinguished, but it becomes alive. It thrives and the end is your demise. However, just like with a fire, without oxygen the spark is snuffed out and is no more, so it is with worry and concern. Thankfulness to Me, belief in Me, is what snuffs out worry and concern and doubt and disbelief will never see the light of day. Amen
Glory and Halleluyah! Praise the Lord. 

559. “Take the initiative to solve the problem and become more lovable. If this seems crude or harsh or in any way something you will push away and refuse, you have not come to know personally and intimately the Savior of the World.” 8/10/15 (The Kingdom Step Down) 

560. “Every opportunity you have to share who Jesus is and what God has done in your life shouldn’t be a chore but a delight! The one thing it immediately accomplishes—it shows others you aren’t ashamed of Him and you value their time and attention.” 8/10/15 
(inspired by my conversation with Tiffany at Target) 

561. “When the Lord God speaks something into you it is a settled matter. It is yours forever!” 8/7/15

562. “There should be no hesitation to do what Jesus is commanding you to do if He be your Lord.” 8/10/15 
(the moment this becomes your truth that’s power!)

563. “There is no luxury in hesitation if Jesus be your Lord. There is only one appropriate response—Your will be done.”

Like a cast of cement to identify the details of someone’s steps, so is the blood stained steps leading to Calvary. Through the path Jesus forged, we can all know and have Salvation. 

564. “If we’re truly believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, we seriously need to get to a place where He is actually the Lord. In being Lord, He is Master, Owner and Husband. In other words, we should conduct ourselves more and more obediently with all devotion and with the greatest of adoration and submit to Jesus’ Word, as to bear witness, that He has the say in our lives and that we trust and delight in Him because He protects, promotes and provides for our well being, both now and forever.” 8/11/15 (Is He Lord?)

565. “Let us not only listen to God but expectantly listen for Him. Let us not only follow the Lord but become acutely aware of when He is moving! An acute sense of hearing and an acute sense of awareness is a fine thing to have concerning the Lord. It will greatly aid you in crossing the finish line when running the race set before you.” 8/12/15

566. “The love of God is so powerful it is able to impact and influence on a global scale and yet the love of God is so personal and intimate, it can change and transform within the individual!” 8/12/15 (God’s love. Real Power!) 

567. “The world dictates marriage as spouses trying to ‘one up’ the other. It’s men against women. Yet there is a small faction that agrees, that man and woman become one in marriage—there is no he said, she said. It is we are in agreement. They are the minority. However, it only took One who took on the role as the minority to change the world. When you have the strength of heaven backing you everything is possible—this is Jesus!” 8/13/15 2am 

568. “More often than not, when we read books about how to go about being spiritual it only leads to an outward expression. However, when we examine the life of Christ and His work on the Cross, we won’t see only an external element but the internal change that must take place for an outward victory. We cannot go on in life pretending to be someone we’re not at the expense of others thinking of you more highly than you are. Be content to pay the cost now of presenting yourself flawed, so that in the end, the lifted and ascended Son of God in all His perfection can be more vividly seen in your entire life. Now that is the life we all must surrender to Christ to spiritually live!” 8/13/15 (edited on 12/27/15)

569. “More often than not, when we read books about how to go about being spiritual it only leads to an outward expression. We negate our sinful ways and sinful nature to present a half-hearted and dim view of our true selves. The only way to be free of this hypocrisy is to look at the life of the Son of God, surrender our lives to Him and pick up our cross daily and be crucified to it. Only then, can we experience the glory of the Resurrected Jesus—the only path to the incorruptible eternal state of God.” 8/13/15 (Glory!)

570. “Men are preoccupied on wanting an erection that they miss out on the eternal blessing and power of the Resurrection.” 8/13/15 
(one happens mostly through sin the other could only come by being holy).

571. “God’s love is powerful enough to eradicate global sin and to intentionally forgive and remove it in the confessed and repentant individual.” 8/13/15

572. “Never did telling a gay or homosexual person that their sleeping with or married to a same sex partner and being against what God commanded, ever produced anything profitable. But this will always profit: The grace, mercy and love of God, seen through patience, prayer and being a consistent example of it!” 8/13/15 

I will say this and no more concerning this quote. Soon enough a witness will come forward and God will produce a testimony that will bring about God’s love made fully known in Christ, to many of that walk of life. Praise the Lord. 

573. “The Lord knows the secret motives of men. He supports those who are truly for Him. Men may be deceived, but the Lord knows the heart.” 8/14/15 

574. “There reads a romantic notion of belief in Daniel 3. Where three men choose to only worship the One True God; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob over false gods and bowing down to a golden stature. Their refusal would result in being thrown into a blazing hot furnace. Now let it be clear, there is no romance in it! It also isn’t a picture of God able to save people once they’re thrusted into hell. It has been and shall always be a picture of obedience, devotion, boldness of faith and the results of the dark nature of sin clashing with the light nature of holiness. Any other interpretation is of the evil one.” 8/14/15 (Daniel 3 inspires!)

575. “Our faith in the Lord God of heaven and earth can result in some unsavory things happening to us as history has proven that in its mistreatment of Christians and Jews alike. However, we can be confident twofold: God is able to deliver us from it all or if He doesn’t, if we truly believe and trust in Him, we will never give into the demands of those who are not lovers of God.” 8/14/15 (Daniel 3 inspires!)

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