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Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 15 of 33)

 Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.


Inspired by location 2267 ch. 10 of John Hagee’s “The Three Heavens”

352. “The victory is ours if we don’t lack conviction.” 5/15/15 (inspired by Agent Coulson last words to Loki in The Avengers

353. “The victory is lost when we lack conviction.” 5/15/15 (inspired by Agent Coulson last words to Loki in The Avengers) 

354. “If it is within our power we should all be quick to be generous to others and not hinder them from blessings. For we never know when we will need a blessing from God and when we cry out to God for help. This is our request; this is our prayer to Him. So let us not hinder our prayers from being answered by treating others with the utmost care especially when they cry out for help.” 5/16/15

355. “Jesus is the stair way, the gate and the door to the kingdom of heaven. No one gets to God the Father unless through Him. What is this “stair way” but that which you ascend into His glory. What is this “gate” but that which you enter into His eternal peace. What is this “door” but that which God Himself invites you into Paradise everlasting. For it is the stair way which you ascend, it is the gate which you enter by and it is the door in which He has graciously opened up to us all. Halleluyah!” 5/16/15

356. “It is foolish to think that the spirits of the unseen world; of the kingdom of darkness even Satan himself would dare to approach me in any manner. Even if such foolishness would seek to prevail this is true of me and all who truly side with Christ the Lord. For all of heaven and its Mighty Creator stand with me. I have my heavenly Father who loves me. I have the Lord Jesus Christ who died for me and holds the victory over Satan and his great weapons; death and the grave. I have the Holy Spirit who empowers me and leads me into all truth concerning God and His Word, and if that wasn’t enough, I have countless angels encamped all around me and they who are with me clothed in wisdom, might and splendor with swords drawn out are more than they! Yes, it would be truly foolish of the dark prince to make a move, but if he does, the Lord my God and all His spiritual hosts of the third heaven shall keep charge over me and advance with the Banner of Truth and Righteousness on the kingdom of darkness. Therefore, such wickedness will never prevail against me! Halleluyah and Amen.” 5/17/15

357. “Why would God go through such measures to let us know that He is a Father who has begotten a Son? So that we may know He is not cold, calculated, distant and unknowable. Rather, that He is relational, loving, caring and absolutely knowable.” 5/18/15 (Christianity 101)

Contrary to not so popular demand, of those who say, ‘He is the only God who has not begotten,’ the God of the Bible reveals Himself not only to be the only God; being the One True God of heaven and earth, but we do not have to be in the dark about the validity of His statement—we can know the truth for ourselves through His Son Jesus. 

358. “I myself know this “herd instinct.” Choosing not to help versus fleeing for my own safety. We in the 21st Century describe it as the flight portion of the “Fight or flight” instinct. I confess that the self-preservation or fleeing, or flight instinct is the natural inclination or stronger of the two instincts in me, yet on this fateful night in a parking garage, I experienced this “MORAL LAW” causing the weaker of the two instincts — to flee from the (herd instinct) become overruled by the fight from the (fight or flight instinct). Going into action when all the while my mind is saying FLEE! For those who have yet to realize what Mr. Lewis is talking about concerning mere instincts and “Moral Law,” he is cleverly referring to the HOLY SPIRIT, who guides us into all truth (John 16:13). He, the Spirit, can certainly overrule our selfish impulse, yet not forcing us to do it, signifying our divine ability to choose to do something freely, causing us to be secure that our choice has not been taken away or diminished in some way, but rather being the Voice of Truth in a time when all we can hear is our own voice or the voices of others, becoming a clear voice and definitive choice to what is right and true. We ourselves, must confess, that we lack and desperately need help to make the “right,” “true” and “good” decision. Thank God for the Holy Spirit!” 5/20/15 (MORAL LAW, INSTINCT, AND THE MAN FIGHTING TWO WOMEN WITH A BABY IN THE GARAGE incident) (inspired by C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” Ch. 2 pg. 10 of 227 entitled “Some Objections”).

359. “If distractions are a common occurrence in this world and in our lives, let it be so, that my ongoing distraction is my continual prayers to the Lord and being consistently in His Word. Amen!” 5/20/15 (inspired by a wonderful conversation between my brother James Oyola and I). 

360. “The “Moral Law” in which is the Word of God, in its absolute perfection and origin beyond man from the dateless past, reveals itself to be absolutely necessary and altogether above the reproach of men! Hallelujah!” 5/20/15

361. “In Christ, we all have a calling, a ministry, spiritual gifts and a place to call home. However, it is not the calling, it is not the ministry or the spiritual gifts that are our delight, yet all are equally wonderful. It is our home; a place of true rest, arms wide open and an embrace fueled by the warmth and familiarity of our heavenly Shepherds voice. This is what drives us, this is what calls out to us. This is why we follow Jesus.” 5/20/15

362. “If the Lord has created all things in His good pleasure for our enjoyment. Than we ought to equally serve Him at our good pleasure and this good pleasure we desire constantly and not when its convenient. Therefore, let our service to Him be constant and not out of convenience.” 5/21/15

363. “I speak of a man who had much hatred in him stemming many years, and its origin was based off of his own failure as it were, to live as he was always intended to live—at peace and in joy. At a specific point in time he was introduced to God in a most peculiar way. He was given wisdom, knowledge and understanding concerning the Living God, and his first revelation of God was that He was the peace he sought after all along to no avail. Now this man, has the peace he has longed for and this peace is the Almighty; Lord God of heaven and earth.” 5/21/1

The Askewed vs. The Clear
(The Saul Theology vs The Paul Experience) 

364. “There are two views in this world and not three. One looks at the world with scales upon their eyes, with biases, prejudices and preconceived notions. The other looks at the world having the scales removed, of what they use to be a part of and now what they have come to experience and want to continue experiencing.” 5/22/15

365. “We can never expect to know God for who He is if we are blinded by outside perspectives and inside judgements. We can only know Him for who He truly is, when we experience Him firsthand for ourselves. For this to happen we must personally invite Him into our lives whether it be through our own admission of needing Him or our present course leading us to collide with Him. Either way we will all know Him, yet how I pray it is on friendly terms.” 5/22/15 (goes with the above) 

A Good And Loving God
366. “Worldy Philosophy: If God is so good why is there bad in the world? This view in which is one-sided, does not desire the knowledge of the true answer. It is okay with merely pointing a finger of blame without realizing they too are part of the blame. If we are to ascribe God as good as indeed He is, we are very much responsible to ascribe that their is bad and it is separate and apart from Him. If this be a reasonable thought as indeed it is, we are also responsible to seek out what has define God as good and in being good, what point of His good Creation and good creating did bad come about and it all went wrong. Now if we are to take such a stance as the beginning question, let us not remain with a pointed finger of blame, but resolve to seek out the truth and knowledge of said truth and its final conclusion until we are thoroughly persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt that God is good and in being good an outside influence not having influenced Him, has caused this bad to continue to be present in our very day. Only then, can we enter into the debate as it were and be taken seriously. And in saying that, by all means, accept the challenge and allow yourselves to be responsible for your own conclusion without a preconceived thought, a bias response and a prejudice judgement.” 5/22/15 

367. ““Christ and Him crucified.” SPEAKING OF THAT GLORIOUS CRUCIFIXION—THE CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST. HIS DEATH HOWEVER TRAGIC TO THE MOST INFINITE DEGREE BROUGHT UPON US FREEDOM AND RIGHT STANDING WITH GOD ALMIGHTY. It is the chief, fundamental foundation of forgiveness of sin. The very idea that God would send His one and only Son to die in our stead is madness to say the least, yet whether it be seen as madness to us, let it never keep us from inquiring about this peculiar thing that took place in history. In fact! It is, I believe the very thing that would ever make history worth looking into—It is the very meaning by which we have breath, purpose and life.” 5/23/15

368. “He did it in the Garden. He did it in the tabernacle. He did it in the temple and God made it fully known when He sent His Son to die in our place: “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.” It is utter foolishness to our finite minds to comprehend bloodshed as the Lord God has ascribed it, to be absolutely necessary to forgive us of our sin. However, not all things that seem as foolishness to us prove to be foolish. What we might consider foolishness is quite literally the only sensible thing there is.” 5/23/15 
(The shedding of blood. Christ and Him crucified)

369. “Oh the tragedy of it all. This cross of Christ and His sacrificial death for us to be forgiven and made right before God. How so much of the human race scoffs at it and makes very little of it and rejects it and denies it ever happen nor that it matters. But how can an apparatus of death and torture; a sentence for a rebel in the highest order, never intended or could ever be conceived by man to be used to kill God, but solely invented for the sake of sinful man, to penalize him till death for his rebellion, know the warmth and presence of “God made flesh?” To dismiss that God in His perfect nature, never knowing the savagery of sin, choose to willingly volunteer to die on the behalf of His own creation; His created creature the human race, so that they in all their sin against Him, in their great rebellion against His holy nature and their blatant rejection of all His ways, could be forgiven, made right by Him and before Him, is altogether the saddest state of affairs. Oh that the human race would take a second and lingered look at the “Cross of Christ” and its very meaning, so that when it is all said and done, they may rejoice to know that they received its message and its gift with gladness of heart that vocally expressed it.” 5/24/15 (JESUS DYING ON THE CROSS)

370. “The words themselves paint such a vivid description: Agony, torture, pain, suffering, loneliness, shame, mockery, cruelty and lost of life. Yet how many of us have passed it on by not giving it a second thought? An apparatus of death and torture; a sentence for a rebel in the highest order, never devised or could ever be conceived to kill God, actually and intimately knowing the warmth and presence of “God made flesh.” Jesus on the Cross is no mere fable or tale. It is the very irony that beset God Himself. The perfect Being knowing no sin, dying a sinner’s death all for the sake of His love for those sinners. Oh that the human race should no longer pass on by and dismiss, reject or deny that it ever happened or doesn’t matter, but take a second and lingered look at what Jesus did for us; for me and for you.” 5/24/15 

371. “Compelling evidence that God does indeed love the human race. So much so, He Himself willingly and not by compulsion suffered at the hands of sinful men. The very apparatus of death and dismemberment, devised for rebellious sinful man, God Himself in the flesh took upon Himself to die in the place of all sinners from the dawning of the age to its imminent end so that we could be forgiven and made right by Him and before Him. Let us not simply pass it on by, scoffing at it and making very little of it anymore. Let us not say it is nonsense or ridicule it any further. Let us not do that very shameful thing of dismissing it, rejecting it and saying it never happened and doesn’t matter anymore. For if ever there was something that mattered and mattered most it is Jesus dying on the Cross for you, for me, for the entire human race.” 5/24/15 (JESUS DYING ON THE CROSS. Generosity Himself; was that Cheerful Giver. Wow!)

372. “I have said it before, all those ‘Thou shall nots’ are actually “I love yous.” It is quite evident from Genesis to Deuteronomy, these books of the Law were written as a record to reveal the love of a Father, God and Creator who spoke with absolute wisdom and tenderness of heart at the basis of all He did for the sake of His people experiencing the very best life they could, hence, “be fruitful and multiply” and cover the earth. The Lord God Himself is not this mean-spirited God as much in this world would have you think and have equally been raised to believe. His Law just as much as His grace, is for the the betterment of mankind so that every area of our lives would know His order, harmony, mercy and peace.” (GOD’S GREAT BOOK) 

373. “Passionate people are those who cry. Yet, there cries are not mere emotional outbursts. They are fueled with purpose and reveal direction.” 5/24/15 JESUS CHRIST: GOD’S PASSIONATE OUTBURST (John 12:44; Luke 23:46; Matthew 27:46; Matthew 27:50)

374. “Prudence when giving to charities is absolutely necessary. Prudence, is the common sense to know you are being a good steward; that is, one handling well what God has given him to work with and bring about increase with what you have to work with. Let not any man standing before you say you should give to the homeless, money and not give it without thought towards what they would do with that money. On one hand, giving to homeless; those in need is a good thing, yet, not at the expense if it meant this homeless person is homeless by means of their drunkenness or abuse of drugs. This homeless person would take the good blessing of money; that good charity you gave without prudence having its day and further curse and condemn themselves. YES! LET US HAVE PRUDENCE IN WHAT WE DO WITH WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US AND IN THIS INSTANCE IT IS MONEY AND THE CHARITABLE DEEDS WE DO WITH IT.” 5/25/15

375. “What is it about others that we follow them, adore them, sing their praises and ultimately worship them? For how many of us are fans of those we only know one dimension of them? Their accomplishments on a field or a court is cause for our praising them. Yet, how many of us know their dealings off the playing field? How many of us know the person behind closed doors when they are off the court? Their response to men and women alike. How they approach finances and the gift of money. How they view God, how they treat their parents and those who are in authority above them. Truly, if we know not these dimensions they ought not to have our praise nor our devotion.” 5/25/15

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