Saturday, June 27, 2015

We Are the Modern Day Papyri

Cyperus Papyrus

‘Perishable material.’ This phrase stands out as simply astounding to me like never before. Scripture was written on perishable materials, and like it we too, are the perishable material containing upon us and within us, like the ink embedded into the paper, that which is imperishable—the Word of God!”

Papyrus paper. Derived from the stem of an aquatic plant native to the Nile valley. When laid out and dried, it was used as the very perishable material to write down the imperishable Word of God. And yet, the astonishment continues. The Word of God has liken the human race to be perishable as well, in that, God is reminded we are like “dust” (Psalm 103:14) and also described as pots to be broken (2 Corinthians 4:7) so that what is located inside can be discovered, made known and shared with the world, as the very perishable papyrus paper when the ink has faded away and became only pieces was not discarded but used as the lining (infrastructure) in pots! With that said, I now invite you Into My HEART...

Although very perishable the human race is, we in Christ and He in us, contain that which is imperishable—the Spirit of the Living God! We like the papyrus; like the lining in a broken pot, must be copied over and over again [preached, shared and testified about through our witness and testimony], so that the uniqueness, the continuity, translation and circulation of this imperishable truth may never cease to be in the World until the ‘whole world hears!’

This word infrastructure stands out to me and I would be remiss if I did not mention it. The word infrastructure is quite the wonderful word. It reveals at the heart and root and core of the matter, the very thing that holds something up and keeps it going. If we like the layers of papyri located inside of pots are that wonderful reminder to the world that Jesus is Lord, and we in Christ, are the light to the world and the salt of the earth, we are very much the strength and hope that holds all things good that can be known of the Son of God. We are the infrastructure. If we collapse everything else collapses. Yet even now, I pray, O Lord, you who are the firm foundation for which we your structure stand on, and being strong and immovable you are like the the rock of Gibraltar, you shall bless and bless again in which you have and may you continue to do so, that we, the infrastructure, the Gospel messengers, the saints abiding in your Name and cleansed of all sin by your precious blood, will be broken open so we shall produce and make known the wonderful things on this earth as it is in heaven. That a people far away from you, through the testimony of the saints and the blood of the Lamb of God in which you are, will cause our every effort through the Holy Spirit’s leading to not only be victorious but also triumphant over Satan the devil that seeks for all on this earth to remain spiritually in darkness. Let our voice in which is your Voice, not to remain silent, not to be unheard and our witness in which stands on your Testimony, to not go unnoticed. Let those who are in spiritual blindness and deafness no longer be, I pray, in Jesus name. Amen.

When we read and study and come to learn what God along with a few faithful people He had called, had endeavored to go through for His name’s sake and the sake of His Word, how could anyone not be passionately committed and unashamedly in love with their Bible? For it is the very Word of God and the testimony of His love, His response, His character and nature, and promise to always be there for us!

I thank the Lord my God for calling me out of my darkness and into His marvelous light. For in it, one thing out of an infinite many will I testify to right this moment by the grace of God. To learn and come to learn over time, the severity of His passionate pursuit of me and everyone belonging to the human race, that His Word stood the test of time, much like His unconditional and sacrificial love, so that we who are with sin could be forgiven and come to know partially now but complete later, that in Christ, we are loved by God with an absolute commitment that no man, no thing, no not anything else in this world individually or collectively could even come close in proximity, depth, width or height, towards the love God has for us! Glory, halleluyah and amen. 

So when we read “God is love,” I pray even now, that this God who is indeed love, will never again be taken lightly, but that His astounding love that knows no bounds yet has pursued us from the beginning to every corner of the earth even into every crevice that a creature may be tucked away in, has loved us and called us into this very love that is never more known than through His Son Jesus, whom is the very tangible evidence of God’s love not only in heaven, but halleluyah, on earth.

It is said just as it is written and this too is no small matter: “For when you have seen the Son you have seen the Father.” God the Father is love, and just as He is love, God the Son, who is Christ the Lord, is love as well. To know God is love, is to know the Father and Son in whom love abides, originates, endures, hopes, believes, rejoices, and is made known. For in the Father and Son nevermore will we see the relationship that mankind can hope to have and indeed in Jesus, altogether have as well. The fact that God is love, is no small matter and to know this is to be in God and if found in God, you are found in love, and to be found in love is to no longer be perishable, but halleluyah, to be raised from death to life to be now imperishable abiding in love that has always been existent and without origin. Amen!

How I pray O Lord God, Whom is love eternal. That you who have endeavored to love us with a fierceness that can never be quenched or snuffed out, will continue to strive with us, until the whole world hears and knows the truth and by your passionate plea and righteous call, will be found forevermore abiding in your glorious light and wonderful love. Oh that you will use us the perishable material we are, to copy and recopy the timeless truth of the imperishable Word of God made known fully and completely in your Son Jesus who is Lord. Use us O Lord we cry, use us! And personally I say, ‘use me O Lord my God. Use me!’ Amen.

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