Sunday, June 28, 2015


God’s Word is “alive and powerful.” It is the expression of God’s heart to yours. It is reliable and trustworthy. It is the word of truth and life. Know his Word. Experience his Word. Share his Word with others. “Heaven and earth will disappear,” Jesus said, “but my words remain forever” (Matthew 24: 35 TLB) 

The above is the last paragraph of Josh McDowell’s “God-Breathed” that was released April of 2015. The Lord spoke that also into me back in 2011. That all goodness and all that would be a part of this blog would be from “His heart” to my heart to all their precious hearts. Even now, being (May 10, 2015), 8:20a.m. I am shown this by the Holy Spirit. When Jesus responded to the man revealing the greatness of (Deuteronomy 6:5), to love the Lord your God will all your [HEART]. He started their because it all begins from the love of God; it begins from His heart. Then the Lord Jesus ended by saying, “the second that is equal to the first is love your neighbor as yourself.” This too, was the Lord’s Word to me, when He said, “to your heart, to all their precious hearts.” The Lord Jesus was telling me to equally love others as He has loved me. He was telling me, to give the same love that comes from His heart and is planted and deposited into my heart with others [my neighbor]. As I, Flavio Anthony Lugo was writing this, and saw what the Holy Spirit was inspiring me to write, I said, “Whoa!” Jesus is alive and well. His Word is powerful and packed tightly into us and yet spilling over with all the love we could ever need or even want! 

I pray now Father God, may the love you gave to me through your Son continue everyday you give me, to grow in me, through me, alive all around me and reaching out to others more and more. So that you Father and your delightful Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus, whom are joined intimately together in all ways most precious, glorious and holy, I will be found in you and able to love others as myself, as your Word declares no man has ever hated himself [denied his affections] but cares for himself. 

Therefore O Lord my wonderful Father and triumphant God, may I too, not deny others by your Holy Spirit and the proofs of your Word, in all this world and wherever you lead me, however I must communicate, your precious love, from your loving heart, revealed in full through your only begotten Son Jesus, that you are love. Amen.

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