Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Awe-Inspiring Renewal


“Holy Spirit, wake us from our slumber. Shake us from our apathy. Stir us up to once again to know and have that renewed sense of awe over Jesus, His ministry, His life, His trials, His tribulations, His crucifixion and triumphant resurrection. So that we may once again walk with purpose, bearing the honor and privilege bestowed upon us as the “forgiven and redeemed in Christ.” May we hear from you, and experience the joys of fellowship with you, so that you may accomplish in us and through us, what Jesus said you would do—lead us into all truth and remind us of all that He said. From beginning to end, may we hear and be lead into the truth of God’s glorious Son Jesus. Amen.”

Beloved ones, I hear these words: “Red stripes however painful they may be are strips of God’s light, like a badge of honor showing for all to see— thank you Jesus!” spoken to me as I am sleeping and dreaming, then I awake at 3:30a.m. (being May 11, 2015) to my alarm so that I may have time with the Lord before my day of work and any other thing that may come begins. In my tiredness as to wake up in mid dream seems to always be draining to the body, I move as quickly as I can and immediately write down “faithfully and accurately” all that I heard said to me. 

Isaiah 52; 53; John 14:26; John 16:13-15; John 18:33; John 19 inspires! He who spoke is the Holy Spirit. I suppose I could say that He spoke these words to me not only to record it down but also to remind me of my Lord’s great sacrifice as I have prayed concerning the renewal of awe that is desperately needed in this world, towards what we first see (like the birth of a child or an animal that comes into the world and begins to walk) to remain an awe-inspiring thing even when it has grown in time. I believe this to be one of those moments we are sorely in need of. The awe-inspiring act of the sacrificial love of Jesus on the Cross and the glory of His resurrection three days later that was foretold  [Psalm 16:10; Psalm 22:18; Psalm 69:21; Exodus 12:46; Numbers 9:12; Psalm 34:20; Zechariah 12:10] hundreds and thousands of years earlier in precise detail and fulfilled over a millennia ago in Jesus Christ alone, to be stirred up in us even on this very day, that we who have come to the Truth and those who have yet to come, will look upon the Cross of Christ and Him crucified, the whipping [flogged; scourging] He endured, and His rising on the third day so that we may truly be set free [from the grasp of Satan that many are blinded by in this world to even comprehend the power He has over them], all for the sake of a people [you, I, everyone of the human race who would believe in Him and His name] being forgiven of their sin, saved from the sure outcome of sin in which is death [body and soul] and being made right [no longer of sin but of God’s righteousness; see 2 Corinthians 5:17-21] in the sight of God to have a relationship; an intimacy with Him as He sought out from the beginning (see Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 3:8-10 for the closeness of God with man; John 17) for it to be. 

And for that, I say, along with all the saints who have come and gone and are in Christ forevermore, PRAISE THE LORD JESUS FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN.

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