Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God Sings to His Creation

The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.
(Zephaniah 3:17)

All of Creation has a song to sing. The birds of the air delight us every morning with melodic song, lifted up to their Creator in praise of His wonderful works, in creating them and giving them life, and they know it all too well and give testimony of it with boldness and without shame of the goodness of God.

The creatures of the ocean blue know and testify of this joy as well. They send out echoing pulses like a beautiful symphony of how glorious their Creator is to fill the ocean depths and its seas and corresponding bodies of water with unique creatures adorned by (to a smaller degree of course) the wisdom and understanding of God.

Even the smallest of creatures that the Creator God Almighty has made, walk, crawl and slither about day-after-day and night-after-night, with purpose and ingenuity and cunning. Their lives are testimony to the glory of God, and though they may be without voice, much like the sun, moon and stars, their witness is seen, their testimony is heard and the Creator God of heaven and earth and all the sea delights in their song as He sings from His throne room, for which the world is able to turn by the sound of His voice that produces everything beautiful, wonderful, glorious, harmonious and of order. Amen.

Sadly, we the human race; created in the image of God Himself, to be a people who sing songs of praise that are lifted high into the sky, permeating our environment, breaking through into the realm of the highest heaven where God dwells in perpetual praise and joy, fail to know our Creator who sings to us personally with great joy daily, and fills us with our very own song to sing in response to His.

Everyday that goes by, I experience the Creator God in wonderful ways, yet in knowing Him going on 6 years (July 3, 2015), I still have many moments when I miss “my cue” and forget to sing to Him for how beautiful He is, how wonderful His ways are, how grand His love is, and how thankful I am to know Him now, personally, intimately and powerfully.

The greatest thing we could ever achieve in our lives is to know God for who He is and to rejoice in Him daily. The saddest thing we could do with the life God has given us, is to deny ourselves the sheer joy of knowing Him and knowing Him well.

How I pray, no spiritual force, no material object, no impure relationship will keep you as well as me from the love of God made known in Christ. Amen.

As always…YOU ARE LOVED.

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