Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Current Course (Help us O Lord!)

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes. (Judges 21:25 NKJV

Beloved, how fitting it is to see that the very last verse in the Book of Judges no doubt penned by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reveals the current trend upon the face of the earth and its inhabitants.
Where is the judge? This question haunts the souls of men. We are desperately in need of our Judge to come and sit upon the throne of our hearts and our very lives. He alone has the wisdom to remedy our current course that is literally “heading to hell in a hand basket.” Gift wrapped with warm regards to Satan the devil. With such words said, I now invite you Into My HEART...

We see the brutality in the Mideast concerning parcels of land fueled by that ages old argument of what is the “true” religion and who is the true God, whether it be Allah or Jehovah. We see men and women trading in the truth of God for a lie, having “strange sex,” in that men sleep with men and women sleep with women and even with animals and there very own family members. We see police brutality and people responding in like manner; with brutality. We see governments lying, cheating and stealing and falling into scandal after scandal. People are worshiping people, worshiping money, worshiping all sorts of material things and power, and prestige and influence. 

We see parents coming against children and children coming against parents. There is hate and division within the family unit. Father’s are scarce and mothers are taking it upon themselves to be both father and mother. A role they were never governed with power to uphold. Men are incarcerated. Women are going to prison for murdering their lovers and the ex-lovers of their current lover. Students are sleeping with teachers and teachers are making themselves readily available to sleep with students. 

Schools are teaching mythology, antisemitism, Darwinism even the Qur’an and the like yet more and more, they do not condone the teachings of Christ, Judeo-Christian beliefs or the Biblical narrative. Schools and those placed in authority over those schools are praising those who have made a decision to no longer be the sex, God appointed them to be before the foundations of the earth, and become the opposite—males are saying they are actually females and females are actually males and their peers are hailing them as heroes for taking a stand and doing what they believe is right in their own eyes and making the choice to have their voice heard. Even now in the media the praises of a man are being sung choosing to be a woman and even saying, ‘for all intents purposes, I am a woman’ is made to be like a god—he is worshiped and praised for his decision; his judgement, upon his own life and the outcome of the lives around him. 

Homosexuality is on the rise. Crime is on the rise. Poverty is on the rise. Separation of church and state has never been more prevalent, for even those who are in the state, do not regard the One who laid down His life for the Church. 

Evil is everywhere. Satan is winning the hearts and minds of men in greater number than ever before. There’s multiple sex partners being invited into the marriage bed to what was to remain a sacred union between one man and one woman, all for the sake of pleasure. People are praising and worshiping their stomachs in greater number than ever before, as fast food and restaurants are increasing in staggering numbers. The god of the stomach is reigning supreme. Sex sales, even those who were called to promote a thorough investigation of facts as journalists, turned news reporters and news anchors and weather men and women, are dressed and hired for their sultriness and not for their knack for chasing down every lead until the truth and nothing but the truth is made known and every lie and false thing is exposed. 

And so we come to the fact of it all. People are chanting “God is dead” and the prophetic message penned over several millennia ago rings true even on this very day! Everyone is indeed doing what they think is right in their own eyes.”

How I pray O Lord God, Judge over all the earth, that you will once again raise up a people who will speak your message to the nations of this earth, that judgment is pronounced and that evil is rampant, but your grace is sufficient to forgive them of their sin if they will turn away from their wicked ways and confess their sins before you. Purify our hearts O Lord by your Word, so that once again, we a people, will shout out from the depths of our souls, “Praise the Lord for He is good. His mercies endures forever.” Amen. 

— F. Lugo

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