Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Reuben/Jesus Revelation: Jesus is all and is in all

 Genesis 37

JESUS IS EVERYTHING. Those words say it all. Quite literally as everything leaves out nothing. The below was primarily written as a post on my Instagram page, that you can go to and if further inspired, you can follow here: ( I post many things there in the form of quotes as I am a writer. Now let us get to the matter at hand. A wonderful blessing awaits you here. The Lord God whom I trust in and inspires me to write all of this, bless these words as I believe them to be blessed. Father God, you alone inspire men to know you. You call men to follow you. You give revelation to the simple to make wise. If not by you, we are in darkness, but you O Lord, are that marvelous light. Halleluyah! How I rejoice in you my wonderful Father and glorious God! Now if I have found favor in your sight, may you open our eyes, ears and hearts to receive this if indeed they reveal You and bring you glory. In Jesus, your Son’s name, I pray. Amen. With that said, confessed and prayed, I now invite you Into My HEART...

“Behold the Seed of the Gospel has died and been opened, and like a shoot springing forth from the soil [of His Sacrifice] into the radiant excellence of the Son of glory, so shall we grow like tall oaks. As pillars in God’s house and of His Church. Halleluyah to the Lamb of God who was and is forevermore. Amen!” 5/6/15

My alarm goes off at 6am and as I awake, the above is what was spoken into me and bursts out of me. So I rejoiced in the sheer magnitude of how excellent it was to hear that, then I quickly went to record it down. Praise the Lord Jesus forever and ever. He is and shall always be God’s atoning answer for the sin of the world [that sacrificial lamb that abates and appeases God’s fiery wrath against sin]. Beloved, we can all become a student of the Bible, and it matters not if we have been all our lives pour students academically, as no mere man even with all his academic accomplishments and accolades could ever comprehend God’s great Word without God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. So let us all look to God to become His lifelong students, so that you may fully rejoice in what you have read above. Little snippets on instagram just cannot capture the sheer magnitude of God’s grace and His love to not tolerate sin but fiercely do away with it for the sake of His name and His Word in which is promise in order to save His world, to draw people to Himself by His love and protect His children from falling into the pit that separates them from Him forever. Amen.


Just as it was with Joseph and Reuben (Genesis 37) when his brothers conspired to get rid of Joseph by throwing him into a pit, and Reuben spoke up to the rest of the bunch and equally reasoned within himself that he would thwart the evil plan by [coming back] and rescuing Joseph from that which was meant to separate him from the great love of his father forever, so has Jesus made it His mission to not only save us from the evil that separates us from the love of our heavenly Father, but He too, like Reuben, shall return. Halleluyah and Amen.

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Further revelation or expanded from the above:

The salvation plan is revealed in these few verses. Joseph as a child dearly loved by his father Jacob or Israel, represents the “world” before God’s eyes and in His great love within Himself for it. Reuben the Oldest son or first born (Genesis 29:31-32) represents (Jesus) the begotten and “first born” [literally to rise up and out of a dark place] Son of the Father in heaven. As Reuben reasoned within himself to rescue Joseph from that vile plan, planning to return to rescue Joseph from a certain death and that “pit” used to separate him from his father’s great love for him, so too, our beloved Jesus; our big brother, has rescued us and saved us from that certain death and pit. Yet as Reuben returned to finalize his plan that was designed before it took place, so will Jesus return, to bring to a close the salvation plan that was designed and decreed from before the foundations of the earth that a people fallen from God’s grace by sin, will once again having been called by Him in His great love through His Son Jesus, be drawn to Him and halleluyah, be with Him once again and forevermore. Amen! 

Beloved one, I pray, you shall seek out the Son of glory through fasting and prayer and with your whole heart, so that He too, will reveal [manifest; John 14:19-24] Himself through the holy scriptures. For Jesus, as it were, is sprinkled upon the Holy Word recorded in the scriptures from “In the beginning” to “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” As it is written, He [Jesus] “is all and is in all.” Halleluyah and amen.

As always…YOU ARE LOVED.

— F. Lugo

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