Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Impartial Miracle that is the Lord God

Beloved, here is one of the shortest post I can recall I have done. I have chosen to not add to it as I have not heard further from God concerning it, so I suppose what is written here is enough and I pray, it be a platform and foundation to build from. Amen. With that said I now invite you Into My HEART...

God is impartial all the time. Those words alone in and of themselves are quite remarkable. He shows no favoritism whatsoever. However, He will respond differently to the proud and to the humble. On one hand, God responds in His holiness to those who are prideful as one who opposes them; quite literally, to come against them and become their enemy. Yet, on the other hand, as a king who executes righteous judgement, He shows favor to those who humble themselves before Him, even in the midst of knowing they have come against His crown [Who He is. He is the King of kings], His throne [what rightfully belongs to Him. He is the Lord of lords] and His decrees [what He stands for. His Word is Truth]. 

God also even within His children, shows no partiality, yet equally loves all, so that no jealousy could ever be experienced nor any child should cry out to Him in sorrow because He was not there for them, as He will never leave us nor forsake us. Whether it be His response towards two sets of people or His loving kindness to His children, God is always impartial, never showing favoritism in any measure, and to know this by experience, and to rejoice in this truth daily, is quite literally to know and to experience a miracle. Amen.

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