Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lord, save me!

“If you feel like you’re sinking or drowning today accept your current position and adjust your posture by holding tight to that window of hope.” — Ben Evolence

As I read the above words about an hour ago, I was trying to understand what they meant and how do they apply to me. Shortly afterwards I went to take my two dogs outside one last time before I went to bed for the night. As I was outside and talking to the Lord, He reminded me of this moment in time: When Peter became overwhelmed with his current situation and took his gaze off of Jesus and began to sink. The Lord showed me that Peter accepted his current situation and adjusted his posture by confessing, “Lord, save me!” when he began to sink.
It’s no doubt that Peter cried out to the Lord to save him and it’s also no doubt that Peter would’ve drowned if not for the his hand reaching out to meet the hand of the Lord stretched out to save him from sinking and ultimately drowning from his fears.
The amazing thing out of all this is that, prior to what transpired on February 1, 2015, I read, that you aren’t to confess your fears but you are to speak faith… speak life! However, that didn’t settle well for me as what I was reading went on to further say that speaking God’s Word (a.k.a. verses in scripture in this context) is speaking life and faith, yet that has never worked for me to show me that the Lord is truly at work in my life and He is my Savior. What does work, is the Lord revealing His Word to me as He did to me, as we talked while my dogs had their last time outside for the night.
When He showed me Peter and his fears and crying out for help, the very act of acknowledging that he needed saving due to his fears of his current situation and surroundings, it revealed to me that Peter didn’t hide his fear or pretend he wasn’t afraid, but asked the Lord for help despite his fear.
I would certainly say, it isn’t healthy to confess your fears t o still remain in fear without acknowledging your desperate need for help from the Lord, but whenever you are fearful yet you call out to Jesus for help to rescue you, you aren’t simply confessing fears but showing true faith in the Lord.
It will always take more courage to admit you are in desperate need of Jesus helping you than to keep it to yourself and allow your current situation to drown you.
Thank you Jesus for always being there, for always being good and faithful and quick to rescue those who truly call on you to save them. Even when I think for a moment I am alone and I voice aloud that I don’t hear from You, you TRULY ARE THERE.
Flavio, the Lord Jesus is faithful and quick to save. No matter your struggles and fears, adjust your posture. Look back to Jesus. Call on Him to rescue you and keep that hand out to experience His hand grabbing securely a hold of yours. He will take hold of you every time!
Have faith in Him. Amen.
— F. Lugo
2:15 am

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