Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Alabaster Jar


In boxing there is a term called undisputed. Meaning no one has been able to defeat you. As I was speaking to the Lord about being broken and poured out from the thought of the woman who broke the alabaster jar or expensive perfume and poured it over His head (Mark 14:1-9), this glorious truth came from it. Being undisputed is not reserved solely for the “prize ring” but for the heart and life that is genuinely and sincerely poured out before the Lord. With that said, I now invite you Into My HEART...
Perfumes can be very pungent. We all like different aromas and what is strong to one is perfect for another. We, just like perfumes are unique. Our lives are unique. Our struggles are unique. What calls us to Jesus will also be unique. When we become broken and poured out before Jesus, others may not like it or accept it and may flat out reject it. However, before the eyes of God, Jesus will accept it, never reject it and our perfume that is poured out before God through Christ will rise up like the most wonderful aroma in which God will consider to be a delight.

“The life and death of Jesus was the most aromatic expression of God’s love and mans’ obedience ever known. When the body of Jesus was broken and His blood was poured out, the perfume of such a sacrifice rose up to heaven, and the aroma that pleased God has never descended back down, evaporated or disappeared. The aromatic fragrance that Jesus left behind is undisputed!”
Mark 14:1-9 reveals so much concerning the thoughts and intents of man, however, it equally reveals the thoughts and intents of God through how Jesus responded to what this woman did. As I read about this woman’s actions it became clear to me that her actions weren’t mere actions but an expression; a response towards what Jesus meant to her.
In life we can very well view our own lives and bodies as having no worth at all, yet before the eyes of God, He knows our worth and the thoughts and intents of our heart.
We may consider our material possessions to have more worth than that of our very lives and yet, if utilized in a proper way, that material thing can prove how priceless your life really is!
Jesus’ response to how the people reacted to this woman’s expression of love towards Jesus was remarkable and yet, if not for Him showing me it now, I would’ve missed out on the blessing. Jesus responded: “Leave her alone. Why criticize her for doing such a good thing to me?  You will always have the poor among you, and you can help them whenever you want to. But you will not always have me. She has done what she could and has anointed my body for burial ahead of time. I tell you the truth, wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.” (Mark 14:6-9 NLT).
Now they’re many points of interest in the above verses but it is the very discrete ‘she has done what she could’ that has captured my attention.
Jesus isn’t concerned with what the next man or woman is doing in response to who He is and what He has done for them when it concerns you. He is concerned with what you will do. So, as I took this amazing revelation in, I am overjoyed to know that Jesus is looking at me, and His concern is not in how others will react to what I do in response to Him, but how I will respond to Him.
This is the simple and direct point I rejoice in yet we all can struggle with. Jesus doesn’t call a group or an entire family to Him nor saves them based on the merits of the collective group. He personally and intimately calls every individual to Him, and He equally died for every person individually. Jesus is so intentional with His call and His act of love towards us, no one could ever think they are insignificant to Him.
We all have worth in God’s eyes. We are all called by Him to come to Him. Jesus calls out to us. We have opportunity to do what we can in response to His calling. We will most certainly have our critics, but let us rejoice in this—Jesus isn’t persuaded or swayed by those critics and neither should we.
Our response to Jesus, and our giving of what is of great value or worth in our eyes, in our minds, in our hearts, with our bodies, if expressed genuinely to Jesus, will be accepted by Him.
This woman gave to Jesus what was of highest value to her at that point. A jar of expensive perfume. It was her offering and sacrifice to the Lord that she considered to be great and valuable, yet not too great in value to be withheld from Him. This is why Jesus responded to her critics and she didn’t have to. He took up the cause to speak on her behalf, because she did something amazing. She responded to Jesus with all that she had when others merely reacted to Him for what He could give them.
This is why the Lord was right and His Word has been fulfilled. Over 2000 years later and thousands of miles away from where this incident took place, I am recalling it and speaking of it with you. Praise the Lord!

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