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Epic Quote (2014) Part 7 of 7


Quotes, quotes and even more divinely inspired quotes. Thank you Jesus
First and foremost, this is all the Lord’s doing. All things good come from God above, and He is faithful and exceedingly generous in His kindness to share with me a sinful man, such wonderful things too great for me to know. Praise you Lord God for your exceeding kindness and great mercy to those who cry out to you in desperation to come to their aid and save them. You are good and I know it all too well! Blessed be your holy name forever and ever. Amen.
Oh Lord, may purpose that is found in you alone, be found actively at work in me and through me. Let your will be done always. For yours is the glory, the honor, the power and the praise forever. Amen.
Here are all the words I recorded down for the year of 2014 as I was divinely inspired by God to write, whether through reading, reflection, interactions with others, struggles of mine, triumphs God had given me, prayers of mine and observing life all around me. I have listed them as quotes and this is the continuation of the 7-part series. May they inspire us all to seek God first, to faithfully love and follow the Lord Jesus and remind us of why we first rejoiced over our Savior and great God and King. With that said, I now invite you into my HEART...

301. “When we become haters of God, there’s no measure to the atrocities that will take place. All measure of hurt, suffering and pain come to exist, and we ultimately experience our own doom and destruction.” - F. Lugo 11/7/14
302. “God just like nature is never evil, however an apt and proper description of what we can experience concerning Him and His Creation at times, is both frightening and formidable.” - F. Lugo 11/8/14 (inspired by the movie “Live, Die, Repeat”)
303. “In Christ, God gives us all a measure of faith and in that faith a manner of Divine gift is also imparted unto us. With such wonderful grace experienced, one cannot help but now think of certain things, be drawn to certain things and partake in certain things—this is called fellowship with the Spirit.” - F. Lugo 11/7/14
Since Christ became a tangible reality to me, I can’t help but think a certain way, speak a certain way, act a certain way and be drawn to certain things. They are all of God and without Him and His grace, I would still be trapped in the darkness I once knew. This is true of all who come to Christ. ‘The light shines into the darkness and the darkness can never overcome it!’ For whom the Son sets free, is free indeed. Thank you Jesus.
304. “Children need affirmation just like adults need affirmation. However, what sort of affirmation are we giving? Is it leading to life or death?” — F. Lugo 11/20/14
305. “When you receive the Holy Spirit it doesn’t matter what translation of the Bible you read just as no distance, no height and no depth can keep you from hearing His voice and knowing His truth. In the Spirit, you are His and He is yours.” —F. Lugo 11/20/14
306. “Never doubt God’s Word. You may struggle with Jesus, you may struggle with the correction and challenge it will bring you, but in no way, doubt His Word as it is the only sure thing you can count on.” — F. Lugo 11/22/14
307. “When God’s holy presence consumes you, wonderful things will be made known and take place. However, you can rest assured you will by no means get burned [regret the investment and experience]. This is the underlining message of the ‘burning bush.’”— F. Lugo 11/22/14 (Exodus 3 inspires!)
308. “Hollywood as the teacher and source of truth: This is quite frightening. Like the burglar that comes in at night and robs us blind and we expect nothing but wake up to the crime scene, so it is, with the entertainment age. We are all asleep before a television set or a big screen and though we are wide eyed awake, we are robbed of truth without being aware of it and waking up to a crime scene—our ability to seek out the truth has been robbed and all that remains is the make believe altered reality (multiverse) we now know.” — F. Lugo 11/24/14
309. “You can talk a big game and sound like you know what you’re talking about, but when you’re behind the closed doors of your mind, heart and soul, all that remains unless you abide in absolute truth, is someone who is afraid and woefully riddled with doubt, depression and emptiness to the uttermost.”.— F. Lugo 11/24/14
310. “You will have to give up your right hand in order to win some over to the Lord—this is Jesus.” (The Holy Spirit) 11/24/14  Holy Spirit, what does that mean?
311. “The saying goes, ‘art dictates life’ or the reversal of that, ‘life dictates art.’ Regardless of which form takes on which form, the tragic end, is that a man who categorized himself as an actor, ended up that way—as nothing more than a character. The sure thing is that, we as human beings must be more than characters in a Hollywood blockbuster or an onstage Broadway play. If our humanness doesn’t ask or seek for more than what life can give us, we suffer to end up nothing more than a limited existence having never known our true purpose, potential and passion.” — F. Lugo 11/23/14 (in reflection of Heath Ledger’s tragic death based upon what I read in Ravi Zachariah’s “Why Jesus? Rediscovering His truth in an age of mass marketed spirituality”)
“It has been said that at first art imitates life. Then, life imitates art. Finally, life finds the very reason for its existence in the arts.” — Ravi Zacharias (pg. 26 of “Why Jesus?”)
312. “Managers are a dime a dozen. Leaders are far and few in between. To see one is to stop and be in awe.” — F. Lugo
313. “Managers are all about authority and passing on the blame. Leaders are about the sacrifice and know that all rises and falls on them.” — F. Lugo
314. “Managers need to be told what to do.  Leaders make a way for all others to follow.” — F. Lugo 11/26/14
315. “Intelligence is the proof of man’s stupidity.” (inspired by 1 Corinthians 4:10, 1:18 and seeing a man driving on the highway 20 miles an hour under the speed limit all for of not damaging the rims on his truck that had a suspension lowered beyond the manufacturers suggested height. This is foolishness and yet, the man was willing to do it.) – F. Lugo 11/28/14
‘Our dedication to Christ makes us look like fools, but you claim to be so wise in Christ!’ and again, “The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God. As the Scriptures say, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and discard the intelligence of the intelligent.”” (1 Corinthians 1:18-19; Isaiah 29:14)
“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
(1 Thessalonians 5:18 NKJV)

316. “We hear ‘think positively.’ However, this is short lived and the mind races like it’s in a relay race; going from place-to-place. Let us not think positively, but have a thankful heart. A heart is not like the mind. It is fixed. A thankful heart is thankful all the time in all things. A positive thought can be chased away by anything like dust in the wind. Yes, let us be thankful in all things through a thankful heart. This is transformation!” — F. Lugo 10/9/14
317. “The fool knows the price of everything, in that money is his motivation, but he doesn’t know the value of anything.” – F. Lugo 11/28/14 (inspired by the character Danny Reagan from the hit show Blue Bloods season 2 episode 21 “Collateral Damage”).
318. “There is but one thing I desire most. To know Jesus and by knowing Jesus, to love the Lord Jesus with unflinching devotion.” – F. Lugo 11/29/14 12:48am
319. “Through the love and revelation the Lord gives you, passionately feed His sheep.” – F. Lugo 11/30/14 (inspired by “My Utmost for His Highest” devotional titled: “His Commission to Us”).
The Lord says, ‘if you love Me obey my commandments.’ And this is the revelation God gave us through His Son, ‘that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.’ Jesus ends His ministry on earth summing up His command and God’s revelation of Him. He said, “Feed My sheep” and “Follow Me.”
320. “Jesus is undeniable. And to know Him and experience Him, is not to have doubt but the revealing of Himself to you is infallible [absolutely trustworthy; unfailing in effectiveness; a sure thing].” — F. Lugo 11/30/14 (Acts 1:3 inspires!)
321. “Forbidden fruit is not only what hangs on a tree and is edible. It is also what dangles before us and is off limits. Getting an eye full of it and drawing near to it and consuming it will lead to your excommunication and result in a certain death.” — F. Lugo 11/30/14 (Genesis 3 inspires!)
Just as I was about to post this, I laughed to myself. These words aren’t filled with the sun shine many may want and they certainly don’t paint a nice picture or sentiment. However, many others speak on that sort of stuff, but I have answered a call to speak against what Satan will always utilize to keep us from being right with God and having an intimate relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. So I rejoice.
322. “Beware of temptations that come in a scintillating package.” — F. Lugo 11/30/14 (Genesis 3 inspires!)

Beware of the Adversaries Temptation:
323. “An adversary will go to any measure at their disposal to lure their intended target out into the open where they are most vulnerable. However, a great adversary is so cunning in their deceit, what they propose to you will never seem to be harmful or dangerous and in no way wrong, yet the end is catastrophic.” — F. Lugo 11/30/14 (Genesis 3 inspires!)
324. “Through questions, suggestions and indecent proposals, the cunning of the devil is made complete.” — F. Lugo 11/30/14 (Genesis 3; Luke 4 inspires!)
325. “Let us not roam around seeking the lions share as it never belong to us in the first place. The earth is the Lords and heaven belongs to the Lord. All things are rightfully His, consisting in Him and are for Him. Amen.” — F. Lugo 11/30/14 (This is why He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah)
326. “Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Says the crowd. Oh that I will have not missed Him, that I would have heard Him, that I would have experienced Him, and in fact left all behind to follow Him, and not have let Him pass through and pass me by.” — F. Lugo 12/2/14
327. “Jesus Christ is not an oppressor of men.” —  F. Lugo 12/3/14
328. “I’m not concerned with making enemies. Only with speaking the truth.” —  F. Lugo  12/5/14
329. “Baptism is a free will offering of oneself through necessity to confess sin, be immersed in God’s forgiveness for sin by following Jesus in baptism to fulfill all righteousness; that is, to perform completely whatever is right before the eyes of God.” —  F. Lugo 12/5/14
330. “A true representative of baptism would never use intercessory agents (parents of said child) to select an infant for such an act of righteousness by necessity of their sin leading to their own repentance, that is, because of them changing their minds for the better, heartily amending their ways, with an extreme loathing of their past sins. For an infant cannot confess ones sin, nor has it come to know right from wrong and the great need to repent of their sinful ways. Their conscience as it were is still clear before God as they have no knowledge of the power of choice. Furthermore a sprinkling of water and/or a quick breathing upon them can in no way forgive or pardon what they aren’t remorseful for or aware of, and receiving the Eternal Spirit by breath is solely reserved for Christ the Lord; God in flesh, to perform such a divine duty. Let us all be concerned with the right passage and not a rite of passage. Amen.” — F. Lugo 12/5/14 (Matthew 3; John 20:21-22 inspires!)
331. “Tears may come, but in Christ, joy will always follow. Let those tears flow, for in God’s Son, those same tears bring cleansing. There is unshakable hope in the name of Jesus. That’s a promise!” — F. Lugo 12/11/14 (inspired by my great need for Jesus and this song “Anchor” by Hillsong Live) 

332. “Purpose is greater than ourselves. It always has been and always will be. Without the Lord God we can never know purpose as He is the existent One.” — F. Lugo 12/5/14

333. “When you start the long climb back towards the light, know that in Christ, you are not alone.” — F. Lugo 12/15/14 (inspired by “The Wonder Years”- Season 3 Episode 2)

334. “The darkness looms. Yes, the darkness looms! Uncertainty reels in my mind. My heart aches and my body quivers with anger. Oh what has happened to the certainty I once knew? Oh Lord, my hands want to hold tight to you, but at every grasp I take it seems as if my grip has softened. Please come quickly Lord and rescue me.” — F. Lugo 12/15/14

335. “Lord, I see now, If not through you, people want to fill their lives with stuff but they never experience fulfillment. People contend with time in staying busy to try and fill the void, but never experience contentment.” — F. Lugo 12/16/14

In search of Purpose. The defining aspect of fulfillment and contentment, and it only exists in the Lord God.

PURPOSE defines happiness. Without it, you can’t be truly happy. 

336. “Knowing God is not a momentous occasion. It’s a lifelong endeavor.” —  F. Lugo 12/17/14 (coincides with #217 located in part 5 of 7 in which was written on 9/16/14).

337. “The Word of God in its entirety as divinely inspired and faithfully recorded in the holy scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, can be compared to having every insight into a man’s heart and soul right at your finger tips, delivered perfectly by the breath of the Almighty; His majesty; the Most Holy One. Halleluyah!” — F. Lugo 12/20/14

338. “Even when I fight Him and I resist the Lord and what He is doing in my life that is always for my good, He still loves me and shows me how patient He is with me. How great and wonderful and worthy of all praise He is!” —  F. Lugo 12/20/14

339. “Moving forward cannot result from wanting to move away from something you don’t like, but rather, towards something you want. This is healthy movement.” — F. Lugo 12/22/14 (inspired by words overheard by Dr. Phil)

340. “It’s amazing how long and wide and dry a desert can be. It can exasperate every part of our life. and yet! The desert holds blessings as well. Just ask the Israelites. He who remains faithful to the Lord experiences His faithfulness.” — F. Lugo 12/23/14 (inspired by Mishel Estrada’s words “God is faithful! Trust the process. He loves us beyond what we can think or imagine” towards my words “Yup. Another step towards the explosion of the Ministry of Generosity, owning my own business and acquiring all that the Lord has promised me.”

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