Friday, March 14, 2014

The Marriage Bed: Husbands, let it not become corrupted

There’s no getting around it. In this day and age, the statement “I do” has been so undervalued and abused and I speak from experience, that marriage is seen as a joke, and it has become such a perverted, misconstrued notion, where fidelity, holiness and purity are relative—you uphold it, you don’t uphold it, what’s the bid deal! This has been the evidence and witness of marriage today and its plastered all over the news headlines, the magazine racks by the grocery store checkout, as well as in the Church. There must be hope still and indeed there is. But where does this hope come from and where is this defining order and harmony to such a holy union? With that said, I now invite you into my HEART...

Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. 
(Romans 12:9)

Let us begin with the source of all the chaos between this dynamic duothe husband and wife. Husbands, if you have sinned and brought shame and corruption upon the “marriage bed,” confess to God for Him alone you have sinned against, and confess to your wife, that by all means the love of Christ will be the prevailing grace that will restore trust and intimacy back into your marriage.

There is but One who brings about a reconciliation that no counselor on the face of this earth can. His name is Jesus Christ and His solution is confession and prayer.

But why confession and prayer, you ask? There is such a simplicity found in this dynamic duo that it confounds the dynamic duo of the husband and wife when they search anywhere else other than Jesus. Here’s that simplicity. You ready?! Accountability through humility. When we are accountable for our thoughts, words and actions that brought harm to our spouse, it causes us to humble ourselves and in turn we confess our wrongdoings and the prayer that will result in that is powerful and healing! It's the truth I speak and surely I am not telling a lie. However, this doesn’t come easily and I will say this: Husbands you must lead out in this every time. Why? God has forever commanded the man to be the leader. Not to hold it over the woman and certainly not to revile in it in the front of his wife. No! God has made it so, as in the leadership of the husband through accountability and humility, followed by confession and prayer, our future generations including our wives will praise God for such a blessing in the marriage, in the family and in the household and all endeavors to follow.

To be placed in a position of leadership is to be endowed with great power, however this power cannot be wielded callously or many will get hurt. This great power, brings great responsibility, but even greater joy.

This is the truth I speak in Christ and I am not lying. I was once married and to my great shame and utter disgrace, I failed my wife miserably. I did not seek the Lord of glory and grace out. I did not confess my sin to Him. I did not confess my trespasses to my wife and my marriage broke apart and could not be mended again. 

How I pray, that you husbands, will not allow this to become you and you will seek Him out, you will confess your sin, you will repent of your old ways and have the grace of our Lord forgive you and restore your marriage and the sanctity of the marriage bed. 

For the marriage bed is not merely two bodies coming together on a bed belonging to a married couple but it’s all things leading to marriage and while in marriage, that the sanctity of marriage shall forever be a holy union under God and always abiding in Christ the Lord. 

Therefore, at such knowledge, I pray you will gain understanding and in understanding you will walk in the wisdom of God, and by the power of His might, may you, the husband walk in the power of the Husband! Amen and amen.

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