Thursday, February 20, 2014

Knowing what the sexes need is knowing the Creator God who created the sexes

This is what took place in the late of night, as I prepared to go to sleep and began to end my night with thanking my God for loving me, delighting in me and adoring me. A conversation between a man and a woman transpired right before my eyes and I could see it playing out in the theater of my mind. This was the result of such a fine time with the Lord. With that said, I rejoice in the Lord, to have such a grand privilege and honor and opportunity to invite you into my HEART...

If a man says to his woman, ‘I desire for you to tighten up, tone up and make everything on you tighter for me and make sure to keep it tight and tone for me as that is what pleases me’ and the woman responds with, ‘How dare he! This is how he met me as now he isn’t satisfied and he wants to change me.’ She has not fully known her Creator. For man was created to visually adore his wife. For Adam exemplified this for all time in that he exclaimed, ““At last!” the man exclaimed. “This one is bone from my bone, and flesh from my flesh! She will be called ‘woman,’ because she was taken from ‘man.’”” (Genesis 2:23). The modern translation would be as follows:

“Whoa baby! Hot mama. Thank you my wonderful God, for giving me such a fine woman. She is all mine. Mine, mine, mine (signifying this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone)!  Come here woman, let’s do this!

Now the woman has equally been created by her Creator with certain characteristic needs to be met. For if a woman says to her man, “I need security” and he flies off the deep end and starts to question her loyalty and love and grows angry, frustrated and resentful towards her because he thinks she thinks he’s not enough, surely this fool of a man does not know intimately his Creator God.

We read and remain in awe over such a descriptive scene unfolding in the Garden of Paradise. The Creator God has saw that His creation, the man (Adam), has not a companion suitable for him. The genius of our Creator surpasses all, in that, He puts the man asleep (surely that he would not see himself become a derailment into what his Creator is doing in his possible impatience; or his input in thinking he knows what he needs above the One who created him and knows him intimately. Yet, would certainly come to rejoice with the glorious plan that His Creator would unfold and unveil right before his eyes!) Once asleep the glory of God is made known; He opens up the side of His creation and removes a vital portion belonging to him and from it makes the most glorious and astounding companion there ever was—He makes woman from man!

Now we can all gather from biology, anatomy and physiology, that every rib of mans’ rib cage is absolutely necessary to him to function as it protects all the vital organs. Now why would the Creator in all His glory and unmatched; unsurpassed wisdom, remove a rib from Adam to make woman from him? Surely, we can all rejoice in this. Now these creations of the Creator God have something quite intimately in common with one another—they are co-equals in looking after each other, and having an equal place in God’s plan. Not only does this build intimacy between husband and wife, it also reveals the heart of God, that all He creates, is equally important and vital to Him before His eyes and forever in His heart!

If you were to take out one of the ribs of a woman and I place it in both my hands and bend it, without even wincing it would snap, this is why a woman so desperately needs security— she was created fragile and weak. Not in the sense God cannot use her mightily, but in the sense of intimacy between a man and a woman, for it is written, ‘giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel.’ If the man cannot comprehend that this woman of his is in need of protection; a protection that supremely honors her, surely he must further inquire of his Creator God, how he must carry himself about with this glorious treasure he has had bestowed upon him in having a wife!

Let us continue on with what the sexes need. Now if a woman notices that her man is quite troubled and heavy laden with the stresses of being a provider, a protector, a pleaser and promoter to her welfare and overall satisfaction with him, and notices that he is always asking for the same sort of prayers wondering why he gives so much time and attention to such areas, she is quite mistaken of this Creator God. For He has placed quite the burden of glory upon this mans heart, mind, body and soul to be this sort of man for his woman. 

In taking this all in, and how the Creator God has with all wisdom did quite a good thing in creating man and woman. I can only say that the bond of marriage according to God’s Word, is quite the priceless thing to attain and hold as sacred only equal to the married couple loving their Creator God with all that they are. This is most glorious and paints the intimate bond between a man and woman becoming one flesh through marriage, in honor of and for the glory and praise of their Creator God, desiring to fulfill all the glorious purposes their Creator God has set forever in them. 

Let the man and woman, take themselves in holy matrimony hand-in-hand, and let there be a verbal communication along with an emotional, a physical and a spiritual communication between the two becoming one flesh— in that the woman says “I have your back. I will protect all that is vital to you” and let the man equally say, “I have your back. I will protect you for you are vital to me!” Amen.

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