Thursday, January 23, 2014

An honoring Conversation: Jesus at the center of it all

“Jesus is not like any other friend we may encounter over the course of our lives. His friendship is MONUMENTAL. His love for us isn’t a mere shared interest—It’s an Eternal Investment into our lives, our futures, our Salvation and our personal relationship with God Himself!” —F. Lugo

Beloved, this post is inspired by a conversation between Mishel Estrada and myself via text messages concerning my love language “Words of Affirmation” and the monumental breakthrough Jesus Christ brought into our relationship. It’s my hope and my prayer, that this personal and intimate conversation will spark into the minds and hearts of others especially in relationships, to look to Jesus, who facilitates honor among the sexes and reveals how to love someone respectfully with all your heart, mind, body and soul. With that being said, I now invite you to see this conversation unfold that brought happiness into our HEARTS...

An Honoring Conversation
(Jesus at the center of it all)

Me: “When we honor one another a beautiful thing takes place—love is reciprocated.”

Me: This quote came out of you speaking My Heart Language when you wrote down those quotes on your dry erase board and my post of your words on Instagram. How excellent is that?!

Mishel: I’m starting to learn and understand what you mean with your love language.

Me: Nice! This is one of those “Thank You Jesus!” moments. Like, she finally gets it. I finally expressed my need properly and she gets it! Hallelujah!

Mishel: You want to see how your words effect me. Correct?

Me: That’s a part of it. I think to sum it up, I want to know in that manner how important I am to you. How much you value me is shown in this area big time because you take a sincere interest in what I am interested in.

Mishel: I think of what you said one time about going out and making a line with you when you liked sneakers and wanted your ex to do it too and see the interest as you did.

Me: Yup! Exactly. Something so simple as standing next to me in a line valued me. But it goes deeper than that. It’s sacrificing sleep to stand in a line not to get something for yourself, but to see me excited about something. The laughs, the conversation of sneakers that would go on. The watching me open the sneaker box for the first time. All of that would given value to me.

Mishel: Gotcha!

Me: Like those times I gave a word to you and when pastor Troy taught on it later you were all excited about it but not when I shared it with you. In those moments I felt greatly devalued. 

Mishel: I’m sorry you felt so devalued. I didn’t mean for it to come across as if it wasn’t valued and in my thinking it was ‘wow troy confirmed what God is speaking through my Bebe.’

Mishel: Im am really sorry Cosa.

Me: Bebe, I am excited. I believe MONUMENTAL breakthrough took place last weekend. It was a lot of soul searching and hurt even anger and sadness and shame that was felt, but love conquered it all! Praise The Lord Jesus forever! Amen.

Mishel: Learning and with your guidance I am appreciative. Yes, I believe it was. I was really seeking God for that. 

Me: Our love for each other will grow and grow and grow even more than ever before. As we grow more in tune with expressions of love towards each other like the beautiful flower that unfurls itself at the sight of sunlight, so will the fragrance of God’s love be experienced between the two of us and that will seal an intimacy between the two of us that many will desire and are desperately in need of and that will create many God-given opportunities to share Jesus with others who aren’t loved and that is what it’s all about! 

Mishel: Amen!!

Me: Jesus our EVERYTHING did that for us. Truly our BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER.

Mishel: The word breakthrough means what to you Bebe? Picking your brain here.

Me: Breakthrough—An opening to victory and greatness that only God could have opened.

Mishel: I’m thinking that word through. Wow! The Holy Spirit brought me some strong revelation. Here it goes as I am typing...

Mishel: To breakthrough something means there is a barrier that needs to be done by an offensive person or team. This barrier means you can be stuck or you get it out of the way (push, crush etc.) In our case; a thought I could not pass through, actions that were not being made (I was stuck). My team (you and Jesus) helped me just move forward and helped me along the way. In this breakthroughs you don’t just prance and gently move it. No! You use all you have. So I was going to get bruised, hurt, and experience some resistance. BUT JESUS would not let the gates of hell prevail!!! Man that is A GLORY HALLELUJAH MOMENT!!!

Mishel: I thank Jesus for your definition of the latter part of the process. As you shared in your definition of a breakthrough.

Mishel: Amazing huh?! Crossing the enemy lines of thoughts and actions because of lack of understanding.

Me: Love it! Nice! Praise The Lord.

Mishel: Pieces of the puzzles are coming together.

Me: Nice!

Mishel: I thank Jesus for knowing how my mind works and giving me those pieces as I work it out. I’m willing to learn and with much humility. I don’t have it all together but when I get it! I get it!

Me: That’s the work of our BEST FRIEND!

Mishel: In our Weakness He is strong!

Me: Indeed

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