Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let Her Concern, Be Your Concern: Husbands submit to your wives(revised)

The above words were spoken by late president John F. Kennedy, and they are fitting to share this message from Gods heart, to my heart to all your precious hearts. The saying “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine,” or “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours” are one in the same—they show the heart of selfishness. With that, I now invite you into my HEART...

Beloved, this morning as I awoke, and through a song of praise (God be praise: Elevation Worship) already in my heart, I began thanking my God for a certain prayer being answered, and through other things that transpired, I was reminded of a dream I had that I fully did not understand especially one portion of the dream that stood out the most to me, and the Spirit unveiled the answer to me and I was lead to Matthew 6:33.

Before, I go into what Matthew 6:33 meant in this particular dream, one thing was apparent from this dream. As I started to speak to the Lord about it, these were the factors that were abundantly clear:

1. I and my wife (or wife to be) received a $633,000 check towards our married life.
2. The 633 caught my attention and I was thinking to myself, “I know these numbers.”
3. I didn’t jump for joy like the rest of the three people I was with towards receiving the extravagant check, but solely lowered my head and in tears I said, “thank you Lord.”
4. As my wife (or wife to be) and I were walking together she remarked to me that my face looked as if I was troubled, and I responded that “my eyes are sensitive to the sun and when I’m outside and it’s bright out, I look like this.” And I straightened out my face, smiled and opened my eyes and said, “how about now?” To which she responded “it’s still the same.”
5. Upon my wife (or wife to be) mentioning to me as we were walking together, “You needn’t worry about where we would have lived,” I responded with gladness, “I knew the Lord would provide and now He is showing off!”

Beloved, through all this I was troubled by the facial expression I had in this dream, and certainly I must’ve been troubled and my wife (or wife to be) knowing me, lead her to mention to me about not worrying where we would live.

I grew tired of bringing my concern to God, and I wanted God to enter into my concern, so I started to read Matthew 6:33 over and over wanting to know what it meant in the dream. I went all the way back to the beginning of Matthew 5 and all the teachings Jesus had taught and I went back to Matthew 6:33 and through Matthew 7, and the Spirit started revealing to me something that is absolutely detrimental to a man who desires to faithfully follow the Lord without any hindrances (like a feather) yet is married and has a family and the responsibilities that go along with it.

This is what the Lord says and shows, “The concerns of man’s wife, need to be his concerns as his concerns are what concerns God. Therefore the man must have an attentive ear and a watchful eye to his wife’s concerns and the desires of her heart, that the man would pray to His God in agreement with his wife’s concerns being presented and pleaded for, that the man’s desires to faithfully follow and know His God won’t be hindered.”Amen.

Beloved, there’s a great and marvelous order to all things in the kingdom of God and God is ever so faithful to show us that order, if we will indeed seek out first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. The kingdom of God is not a place, but a man, and this man is the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

So as this was given to me and revealed to me through the Spirit who teaches and reminds us of the Lord Jesus and the ways of God in the kingdom of God, I desire for the man to heed these words. If you, man, who are married desire for your heart’s desires to be fulfilled allow priority to be your wife’s concerns, and the desires of her heart to be the very thing you are pleading to your God for. And be thankful you can pray for such things and give God the praise, for in such, peace will abide and reside over you, your wife, your family and home. For the concerns of man, certainly concern God, and just as God is the head over the man, so is the man head over the woman, not to dominate them with malice, but reign over them with gentle and loving care. Amen!

This is what the Lord says and shows me, “If she desires a castle, a family, motherhood and to be a wife, let your concern be just that, and ask in agreement with her for this very thing, that your prayers won’t be hindered, in that, you desire to faithfully follow Me, to speak to nations, to write great things, to receive great revelation, and dreams and visions and the fullness of the anointing upon you to rest on you that you will walk and speak in the Spirit with holy power and authority to heal others, and at My command you will move freely as a feather and she will follow you faithfully with all respect and honor. Let your concerns for the woman be through a compassionate heart, an attentive ear and a watchful eye, and the kingdom of God is yours and all that you seek.” Amen!

Beloved, I rejoice in receiving such a revelation and dream from God today (1/16/13) and I, Flavio Anthony Lugo as God is my witness testify that this is true, and this one last thing I share with you, that the Lord saw fit for me to receive, in that He says and shows me, to bring about great joy to the man and woman. “It is indeed good for the man to pray with his wife, as it builds unity, community and intimacy, but truly I tell you, it is not enough for you to pray with her and her concerns only when you are with her, but as well, when you are in your intimate prayer with Me alone.” Amen Lord Jesus! Beloved, receive this blessing! What’s hers is yours.

Men, let us not, in marriage (for those who are married and headed towards marriage) upon returning home after a long day, dismiss our duty to our wives. As the woman who awaits your return, awaits with eagerness to share her day and be heard, to be held, to be comforted, to be massaged from her hectic day.

As men, we must comprehend that the woman was not made to first love us, but was created from us, that we would first love them. This is a great mystery, not because we aren’t able to comprehend it, but truly because we aren’t willing to submit to it.

This great mystery was first seen in vivid nature in Christ towards His church, and as He was made head over it, we see the role of the man over the woman. We see the submission to the bride from the heart of the Groom. We see the dying to Himself that she would be made cleansed, justified and exalted. We see that He first loved us, as we did not love Him first. This is why Christ is King. He is Master over all, and has received the name above all names, in heaven, on earth and under the earth. Christ is supreme and by His example as husbands (and future husbands) we too, can love our wives as Christ loved the church. Amen.

•Men, as husbands this is your duty: Submit to your wives— where you gain honor.

•Men, as husbands this is your great privilege: Love her as yourself— Where you receive your reward.

Men, as husbands in marriage, to love our wives unconditionally and sacrificially should be our greatest aim— this brings fulfillment.

Men, victories come and go, but there is no rejoicing in a man’s life that yields such unending satisfaction than to love a woman and to have that woman’s love in return — This is the truth!

Truly, I rejoice! For the Lord is with me as He is able to be with you, and through His strength, His witness, His testimony, as men of God, we too can love a woman as it has been designed and exemplified by the kingdom of God. Amen.

As always... YOU ARE LOVED.

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