Monday, November 19, 2012

A Quick Anecdote: Baseball And God

Beloved, as I was praising the Lord for knocking out another grand slam on the post from Into My HEART, He immediately took me to a place where I could write this. All glory and praise be to our great God! With Him all things are possible and the vision is always given with ease and the walk is always orchestrated by Him to perfection. Amen!

As I was praising Him, God shows me a quick anecdote with tremendous insight.

I said to Him, ‘Lord you did it again! You hit another grand slam out the park.’ This is what the Lord showed me. He is always ready and willing to hit a grand slam in the lives of His children, but we are the runners. Here’s the insight, purpose and fulfillment in life should never come difficult to us (that is remain a mystery) as long as we allow God to be in the batter’s stance at home plate (in our hearts), but there’s some hard work involved in our lives (that is our walk, calling and ministry) as we must run the bases. Amen!

Beloved, keep God first and He will take you to great places you could have never prayed for or dreamt of. Bless His holy name. Amen!

As always... YOU ARE LOVED.

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