Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Charge To You!

Beloved, allow your life to be a blessing. That your words and actions speak change of the mind and transformation of the heart. This is the Father’s love. It is not a mystery and is not far off. But very close. Resting on your tongue and on your lips. God is love and if you are hating and condemning your brother; your sister, and causing their face and spirit to be downcast, God’s love is not in you!

The Father’s love covers a multitude of sins, it doesn’t uncover them! If you are not walking in this love, then the Father’s love isn’t in you and you are not in Him.

Beloved, do not allow the enemy to hardened your heart by those who falsely come in the name of the Lord, when darkness has invaded their heart and condemnation rests on their tongue and poison is on their lips. They speak ill of His church, yet the church is what God our Savior died for.

Turn to the Father, His light and love will show you the Way. YOU ARE LOVED.

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