Monday, September 17, 2012

A Quick Post: Calming The Storm

Beloved, as I think about storms now, I can’t help but realize we have a departments, teams and systems in place that try to study storms, in order to create a better warning system and deliver more accurate news of its size and destructive force.

Amazing how the storms of life take us by surprise just like “natural disasters.” Nothing we do can stop the storms from coming, and all we can do is remain informed and prepare the best we can.

Now, as I spend quiet time with God, I tell Him “ Lord, my greatest aim in life is to know You and be known by You.”

I desire to know God’s heart and mind. To know His love and His peace. To know His compassion and His mercy. To live in His grace, and be taught by Him, how to be the best me I can be.

Through careful examination, I say to the Lord, “It’s aggravating to try and figure everything out, and to constantly ask why do You do all the things You do, the way You do them? Why did You allow such things to happen? No! I don’t want the aggravation Lord. I want to walk with You. I don’t want to go against you because that leads to destruction. I don’t want to go away from You because that leads to separation. I want to walk with You, where You know the way. You will protect me. You will provide for me... You will lead me to the life everlasting.”

I want to trust more, and worry less.
I want to laugh more, and stress less.
I want to love more, and war less.
I want hope to remain with me, and faith to shine greatly from me.
I want to desire God more, and desire everything else less.
I want to be strong, bold and courageous, instead of weak, timid and fearful.
I really want to trust more and ask why less.

I know it is possible with God, so with God I will remain. God is the only One to get me where I want to be... The Promise Land, where He and everything He is, is at! Amen.

I believe we as a human race will go further along, as soon as the reality of trusting God more and asking ‘why’ less is firmly our policy.


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