Monday, August 13, 2012

Truth Telling Moments

Truth telling moments aren’t always pretty, but always produce a beautiful result. In (John 20:24-29) we read about a truth telling moment that wasn’t so pretty in that a disciple of Jesus (Thomas) grew doubtful.

I too, have experienced times of doubt. This transitional season in my life made me grow very fatigued. Eventually my faith was shaken, and it caused me to enter into a struggle and I experienced times of doubt, times of discouragement leading to times of separation from God in prayer, from being in His house and from reading the Word. Such times keep us from living out our God-given purpose and destiny.

I wasn't focused on Jesus. I was focused on my exhaustion. But this I know! If we’re willing to open up about our struggles, doubts in our faith whether it’s to a very select few we will find support in places we didn’t realize. But here’s the clincher, we can never fully shut out our God, but whether struggling and without the right words to say to Him, find a way to communicate our disbelief to Him asking for His divine help to get us back to where we need to be, and that is right next to Him. Amen.

A few days ago, I read these words “Cast your cares to God for He cares for you.” That is exactly what I did. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t eloquent. It was filled with tears, at times with anger and frustration. Even moments where I couldn’t even speak to Him about it because I felt so badly for my unbelief. But what I kept saying to God over and over was this— “Although I’m not faithful You are. Help me, because I don’t want to hurt anymore.”

Beloved, we will all experience seasons in life. Life is made up in seasons. Just look at this earth we live on. We see and experience seasons of great harvesting where the harvest is plentiful and there is an abundance. But we also see and experience seasons of great drought, where there isn’t an abundance and scarcity is plentiful.

In our walk with the Lord, we will experience such times. We as human beings will experience drought, but God is that plentiful harvest year long. In our scarcity, however it looks, let us mustard whatever strength we have remaining and look towards God again. He will restore us back to our abundance in faith. Amen.

If you receive it and believe it... Thank the Lord!

Let us pray:

Father and God, thank You for being faithful even when we aren’t. Thank You for being abundance even when we are scarcity. Thank You for being willing to restore us in our weakness. You are our sea of blessing. Lift us up then we can leap back into You. Although we believe, help us in our times of unbelief. In Jesus name, Amen.

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