Thursday, July 19, 2012

Faith, Heaven and the Joy of the Lord

Good morning beloved. God’s grace and peace be with you.

I was just thinking how amazingly unnatural faith is. How a great multitude of people live and have lived by faith in God through His Son Jesus. How faith can only cause a man and keep a man believing in an unseen place by the naked eye, but by faith through God’s grace a place so real and so beautiful it had to be described as paradise.

Heaven... A time and place where those whom have believed and kept their faith in Jesus will not only see it but reside there. I often think of heaven and how it would seem. How it would be, but more than that, how amazing it will be to stand before and be with the One who has known me and died for me! The One who has spoken to me, and I have spoken to Him! The One who by the very thought of His embrace, to look at His face, and to be in His presence forevermore, makes me weep with tears of joy— My Jesus.

No matter how weak or strong. How tough or fragile you may be or think you are. The embrace of Jesus causes all of it to fade away and only tears of absolute joy to remain.

It will never be my intention to portray what God isn’t but as opportunity presents itself and my audience truly desires to hear, I will share how amazing God is in all His character and nature. Amen.


  1. Flavio may God bless you, this massage is beatiful I'll be posting it on my page in facebook.

    1. Praise be to God! Pedro, I'm so thankful that you were blessed by it, and furthermore, you are moved to bless others as well (via Facebook).

      I so thankful for being blessed to write. It has been a great joy in my life. God bless you as well my brother in all your God-given endeavors. Amen.