Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What would you like?

Hello there. It's June 13, 2012 and the time is 12:02am. As I laid in bed and reflected on my day and spoke to God concerning everything I was thankful to Him for in my day, and those areas I'm looking to Him for help in. It got me to thinking about my blog.

I thoroughly enjoy my blog. It has been a wonderful blessing in my life. Free therapy for life's upsets, and even greater! A way to reach out to a great many and encourage, that physically I may never meet.

As I spoke with the Lord concerning the many outlets of social media I use to reach out to encourage others, I said to Him, “Lord this is why I pray to You to expand my territory and enlarge my platform. I want Your very thoughts and Your very heart that You share with me, to be received by many. What You share with me that has forever captivated me, help me to share in such a manner that will captivate them.”

So, with that said and shared with you. What are some things you'd like me to write about? Is there anything you wondered about God? God knows everything, and this I firmly believe. If there's something you'd sincerely wanted me to write about, God will provide those words for me to share on the subject.

Therefore, ASK AWAY.

I look forward to writing a new blog post that speaks Into Your Heart.

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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