Sunday, June 10, 2012

Into My Heart

Beloved, as I lay in my bed now and talk with God, I share with Him my struggles, lack of understandings, hurts, pains and discouragements. But I also share with Him how thankful I am to Him for being who He is in my life, and leading me to such a place in my life where I think less of myself and more of others. Which I could’t have imagined ever being this way. God really is good. He certainly is to me and to countless others all over the world.

Can you imagine that one day you had no clue who God was or that He even existed, and then another day you are actually talking with Him on a daily basis. That’s amazing! Wouldn't you agree?!

The name of my Blog is called “Into My Heart” and as I spoke with God (there’s that amazement again) I decided that it was a good idea to simply write to you (wherever you may be reading this from) and let you know that my blog isn’t simply my blog, but
It's my ministry. It’s where I reach out to others and share what beautiful things God has done in my life, is doing in my life, and as the future unfolds what He will do in my life. Amen.

Sometimes, I share with you the praise in my heart for my wonderful God. Other times I share some insight God has given me. I will even share theological teaching and lessons learned. All in all, I’m sharing my heart and all of it translates into the faith I have in God through my Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Once again, I’m amazed by where God found me at, and brought me to. I haven’t lost that amazement in that my vocabulary consists of such words as: Baptism, Church, Christian, Creation, Bible, Prayer, Grace, Favor, Gospel, Holy Spirit, Lord, King, Jesus, God, Heaven, Servant, Angels, Obedience, Faith, Revelation, Eternity, and so on.

My single greatest desire, hope and prayer is that my life will matter. Not in the sense that I made a name for myself, but that through my life, the one name that meant more to me than anything else would have made a major impact in the lives of others. That name is Jesus. Amen!

I think the one subject I mention to God most often is this: Being my best— That’s right! Whether I experience success or failure, I am constantly desiring that.

We were all created and called to do something of significance. And for myself I would have been successful, in that, I did it to the best of my ability with what I had and the amount of time I was given.

Other than that, I believe through the grace of God I have become a man who asks for very little, and the majority of what I do ask for, it’s simply to be able to reach out and encourage others then their lives would be impacted by the love of God just as mine has. Amen.

Nothing more and nothing less. I’m a simple and humble man who solely desires to honor God and let others know to the best of my ability how amazing God truly is. That’s who Flavio is. And as always, it’s my mission in life to extend in friendship to you— passage Into My Heart.

God bless you...YOU ARE LOVED.

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