Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Book Report (Chapter 12): Every Day A Friday

Chapter Twelve

Don't you just loooove when someone approves of you? Your outfit, your body, your work, your home, your car, your spouse, even the kind of scent your perfume or cologne has. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel loved. It makes you feel valuable— someone who carries worth in the eyes of others.

There's something to approval. It can be dangerously appealing. It can cause us to invest ourselves completely into what others say or think about us. In essence we buy into their willingness to shake there heads up and down in approval at our lives.

Why is this a very dangerous thing? When we have invested everything into others and we decide to do something else, say something unlike we said before, even change the way we act and what we believe in, those who once approved start to disapprove and we don't see a return on our investment. All we're left with is an empty heart depleted and void of everything because we gave it all to those who no longer care to be for us but now are against us.

In Chapter 12 of Every Day A Friday, Joel speaks about not being people pleasers who are with us one moment and the next they're against us; they leave if they forgotten we exist.

The very title of this chapter already gave away what it's about without me even sharing with you all the above. It's titled, “Don't Live for the Approval of Others.” 

I have known what it is to have God speak to me and place a big dream in my heart that He is asking me to walk away from other things, then He can build me up for the amazing things He has in store for me. But those who were for me as long as I did what they thought was best, we're now against me. 

Joel speaks many times about how it was to transition from his father leading the church in Lakewood, TX to Joel leading it after his dad went to be with the Lord. Many people were with him, but there were a few who were against him, or wanted to tell him how to lead the church, how to do ministry, etc... Joel even says that one man actually told him ‘you're making a big mistake. And I just want to let you know if you move the church, I'm not following.’

Sadly, this man wasn't willing to understand and stand with Joel with the big dream God had placed into his heart and was building Joel up for. This is inevitable, just as it was with Jesus and HIS VERY OWN Family and close Confidant . Although at times we may have the best intentions and often times not so much, just as Jesus' family and close friend, we too, may experience others not agreeing with what God has called us to do and other times, people may very well not understand our God-given destiny. But, let not this misunderstanding deteriorate your resolve to bring glory, honor and praise to God in doing as He has called you to accomplish. Amen. 

My Takeaway:

If God is calling you to something bigger and better, know that it is He who has approved you, and as long as the Creator of the universe approves of you, you will be alright. Praise God Almighty that we have His approval which stands forever in Christ Jesus. As it says in His Word, ‘I will not leave you nor forsake you’ and again ‘Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’ Amen! 

Thank you Lord!

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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