Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Book Report (Chapter 14): Every Day A Friday

Chapter Fourteen

As the plug slips away from the socket, the light flickers and suddenly it becomes dark... What happened?! The right connection became no more as the plug and source of power, were no longer connected as one.

Beloved, today I come to you to share some insight into, "Connecting With The Right People." In chapter fourteen of Joel Osteen's Everyday A Friday, it made me explore a very personal look into my faith walk with the Lord as God illuminated the way through Joel's words.

As I read this chapter, I was reminded and encouraged of how God is. I too, like many, have received a word from God as a deposited promise for my life both current and for the future. In other words, God's promise towards my destiny. The Lord spoke to me concerning My life being a life of servitude. Concerning me "not being a rich man but a thankful man." Concerning me being called into ministry. Concerning the wife that is for me.

Not only has God exemplified in my life that He will never leave me, forget me or abandon me, but also, that His Word to me is His very promise and although others may abandon me, forget about me, and their word vanishes not to remain a promise to me, that in this world, all will vanish but the Lord's Word to me (to all of creation) will by no means disappear. Amen.

I am thankful to God just as Joel says, 'that I and God are a majority' because it has been proven over and over again to me. Others say no, but God said yes! Others could not see the vision, but God opened my eyes to see from His view of things. Doubt tried to settle in, yet His voice spoke encouragement into me. When a sea of despair was before me, the presence of the Almighty parted the doom & gloom and made a way for me to remain untouched by it. Amen!

Joel shares, "If you remove the negative people from your life, God will bring positive people into it." There may be many obstacles, and many people along the way who simply DO NOT have your best interest in mind, but as the Lord Jesus set the example for us, let us all clear out what isn't an encouragement to us, and is trying to keep us from pursuing, experiencing and accomplishing our God-given destiny. Amen. Joel further shares, "Do not waste time with people who don't value your gifts or appreciate what you have to offer. That's casting your pearls before swine." We all need to conceal what is holy, and surround ourselves with the right people. Not having an inner circle of friends and confidants may very well be what's keeping both you and I from pursuing, experiencing, and accomplishing something that will leave a lasting legacy and fulfill our God-given destiny.

My Takeaway:

Only what God has ordained and anointed for our lives will connect with the dream; the promise, that He deposited within us to start moving, come to life and see the light of day. Amen. 

Here's my prayer:

Father God, thank you for Your Word. A lasting promise to stand forever that You indeed have a plan that is not to harm us, but to give us a hope and future. Father, how amazing You truly are! May You help us O Father, to choose wisely those who we let in our lives, and those who we need to remove from our lives. That we may see the destiny we have in You become a reality and a blessing to You, to us and to all. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Beloved, as always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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