Friday, April 13, 2012

My Book Report (Chapter 2): Every Day A Friday

Chapter Two

Hello there. How are you doing today?

Quite a different introduction to this post wouldn't you agree? I want you to know that although I write this blog, it's not about me. It's about you and what the words God pours into my heart to share with you, can do for you. With that being said, I truly do hope your day is going well and if it hasn't been good so far, in this quiet time as you read these words, I hope and pray they will make your outlook on your day much better. 

Moments ago I finished reading the second chapter of Joel Osteen's "Every Day A Friday" and it is an amazing read. Joel's simple approach to all things bring quite a powerful impact into a person's life. Chapter two is titled "Don't Give Away Your Power." As I read through this chapter so much came to mind. I laughed, reflected a lot, and was lead to pray for the team I am a part of at Potential Church- The Connect Ministry. What is that prayer you may be asking yourself (or at least I hope you're asking yourself that question.) Here's the prayer: God, I ask that You give us the strength to go through the challenges we might face with a good attitude this Easter with all the services we will be a part of. In Jesus name. Amen

That prayer was triggered by these words I read in Chapter 2. "I think it's interesting that the apostle Paul never prayed for people to be delivered from their problems. He prayed that God would give them the strength to go through challenges with a good attitude." 

As I read what giving your power away meant. It made sense but I knew I had done just that almost all my life. Giving your power away, in short, is losing your cool in any situation or circumstance and going down to the level of the other person who you simply think is being an idiot because they're messing with you.  

Giving away your power seems melodramatic, right? It's like, come on seriously! You're telling me because I get mad or frustrated or want to give the finger to someone who cuts me off I've given them my power? The answer to that would be, Yes! Seems silly but truly you are giving your power away. How so? The moment you lose your cool and are no longer calm headed, the power you had is gone and now that person, that situation, that circumstance has your power. Joel mentions a great verse in scripture that speaks to such a thing. These are Jesus' words, “Whenever you enter someone’s home, first say, ‘May God’s peace be on this house.’ If those who live there are peaceful, the blessing will stand; if they are not, the blessing will return to you.” (Luke 10:5-6).

The verse above is an absolute principle to live by. It just so happens to also be a very blessing to anyone who is in Christ (Click HERE to see that blessing). But just as it's a principle and a blessing to believers in Jesus everywhere, you and I have to learn to live it, believe it and exercise it all the time. That's the hard part about keeping your power. You need to first believe you have it in the first place. I'm learning and trusting this more and more. Just as it takes time to break bad habits, it also takes time to embrace and enforce good habits. 

My Takeaway:

Keeping my peace no matter what happens is real power. Developing my character takes work but a consistent and committed heart will have me keeping my peace; my cool every where I go, and walking in joy all the days of my life.

Beloved, I do pray that we will all be blessed by asking God to give us strength to go through our daily challenges with a good attitude. Sadly, something I have painfully learned and am still learning, in order for change to occur it needs to start with me. To that, I say. Amen.

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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