Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Book Report (Chapter 1): Every Day A Friday

Chapter One

My brother and friend Jeff Zelaya (Enter The Official Website of Jeff Zelaya) suggested I blog about this new book I began reading yesterday. The title is "Every Day A Friday" by Joel Osteen. I received this book from my sister and friend Francesca Vittoria as a birthday gift a few days ago. She is reading it, and wanted me to read it as well as she believes it's a good book. She also wants to discuss it with me. I look forward to that.

Today I finished the first chapter and yes, I'm not a fast reader. I tend to digest the words I'm reading, reflect on them, and at times I'm reminded to pray for others or myself based on the words I read that spoke to me. A great blessing and practice I recommend highly.

Anyone who has read a Joel Osteen book, or heard a message Joel Osteen delivered from Lakewood Church out of Houston, Texas knows he is a charasmatic man in the sense he is very upbeat and always speaking about the importance of a joyful attitude despite any situation and/or circumstance. This book speaks to such a thing. Happiness as if it were Friday evening but bringing that perspective in everyday you are given. This is a sobering truth at least to me. I know for myself if I am honest with myself, I do not do so well with having a Friday perspective every other day of the week. In reading the first chapter alone, you will ask yourself that question- Why am I not happy everyday of the week as if it were Friday? The first chapter will deliver some realities to you about your life. Matter of fact just as I read a few words into a sentence something came up that I allowed to rob me of my joy and after tending to the situation poorly I might add, I returned to the sentence I was reading and the reality of my perspective not being positive although I should have been saying, "I'm so blessed...thank you God" was quite evident. Here's that sentence that deliver the reality check to me: It's not what happens to you or what you have or don't have that is important; it's how your mind is arranged and the choices you make. Moments later as I stood upset with myself, I just gave it to God in prayer asking him to forgive me and thanking Him for what I do have based on these words by Joel. Keep your life in the right perspective. Every one of us has something even right now to be happy about: our health, our jobs, our families, or an opportunity.

Matter of fact I texted my girlfriend about the poorly handled incident and how I wished I could just leave from where I was at. After praying to God for forgiveness and thanking Him for what I do have, based on that gut check of a reminder above, I texted her back sharing what I was reminded of and learned. That's victory and glory to God! Amen.

My Takeaway: (Chapter 1)

Happiness is something I choose. My mind is a battlefield that I can control and not be defeated by. I need to be intentional about my thoughts from the beginning of my day then my perspective is not focused on the negatives but the positives. It's not about what went wrong but what went right. Praising God through all situations and circumstances covers sorrows and takes my focus away from the negative and makes a way for His blessings for my life.

I'm very grateful for Joel Osteen's life and the many people God helps and comforts through his ministry. I'm also thankful to God for Jeff for suggesting I write about what I think of this book and I'm honored that Francesca saw worth in me to give me this book on my birthday. Truly God is good to me, and if we are mindful of our lives we will have an endless means to thank God for all He has done, all He is doing and all He will do. Amen.

Beloved, I hope you will enjoy this journey through "Every Day A Friday" with me as we go through it.

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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