Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Morning thoughts (Part 2)

You may be reading this in the afternoon, evening, possibly in your bed as your last point of brain stimulation before you rest up and that is fine, but this page from my heart God blessed me with this morning. 

The Word of God in the Book of Ephesians describes such a beautiful Truth of how God pours down blessings unto us as rain on the earth. The Word says, that He who descended also ascended high above the heavens that He might fill the whole earth with Himself. Praise the Lord!

The Word of God also teaches us this Truth, that Jesus had to ascend to heaven in order for us to receive the Holy Spirit. Amazing!

The Holy Spirit, He's not someone the majority of us speak about. The very Spirit that was in Jesus-The only perfect man that ever walked the earth; both Man and God, afforded us the privilege and honor of receiving His spirit when His precious blood was given as a gift to our redemption making us in Him, both children of God and spotless that the Spirit of holiness, holy living, all that is holy to reside in us; God Himself! Praise the Lord!

God is Father, Son and Spirit all in One. It's a tremendous Truth, and God gave me this revelation a short while ago, and I share it with you now: Father, Son, Spirit = Character, Nature, Being. The character of a Father that we should all know Him and Trust in Him as. The nature of a man that we can relate to. The being of a Spirit that will reside in us and reflect what we will become when Christ returns and calls us to His eternal glory forever. Amen! Praise the lord!

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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