Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Morning thoughts (Part 1)

As I read from my favorite devotional this morning which was speaking about the Christmas know! about the Christ child born unto us...a Savior. Yeah! That very one. Kind of threw you off since Christmas has passed and we're 10 months away from the next one. I myself rarely visit that story, yet desire to relive the joy of my Salvation every day hence forth (nice wording huh).

Such an amazing story shouldn't be reserved solely for the month of December as if God abides in a calendar rather than in us! His redeemed according to our faith in Jesus. Amen.

So! As I pondered this, and took in the words I read, I praised God for being Himself in us! Creating, orchestrating, appointing, helping, comforting, reminding, convicting as well as inspiring us to walk with Him, talk with Him as well as walking as he does...faithfully.

You know what!? In this very moment I'm thankful to God for His Word, and to the Holy Spirit. Both at work within me have revitalized the heart that loves and abides in Him. Both Word and Spirit have caused me to start writing again. Sharing the Good News of Christ in every way I'm gifted to do so, and crave His presence at work in and through me to be a blessing to others. God is good. His Word is life and Truth, and the Holy Spirit is the very friend that sticks closer to us than any human being could ever possibly be- being that He's in us! That is certainly praise worth...therefore meditate on it. Amen.

P.S. To keep this page from my heart short I made it a two part post. Be on the look out for the second part for your reading pleasure and God's praise, coming to you later on in the afternoon (for my Facebook and Twitter family).

As always...YOU ARE LOVED.

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