Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am Peter

There was once a man who lived on this earth a long time ago. His life taught us many things, but this morning as I reflected on the goodness of God and I was praying for those who were placed into my heart, this is what the Lord spoke into me, ‘Fear causes you to forget and sink, and faith causes you to remember and swim.’

From Peter's life we see both examples...Peter's fear caused him to sink (Matthew 14:30) & Peter's faith caused him to remember and swim out to Jesus who was on the shore waiting (John 21:7).

Here's the insight: In both instances it took someone else to help Peter recognize his potential and to remind him of the faith he had. 

Food for thought: God will also bring into your life and on your path someone to remind you of God's goodness and your potential for success in what God has called you to. Amen.

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