Thursday, January 12, 2012

Even Though

This day started out very weird for me. I was having some terrible dreams and they were affecting my thoughts. So I couldn't remain laying down anylonger because I was now thinking about the terrible dreams and I knew of I remained in bed they wouldn't have stopped. So I did what I normally do. Went to check my phone to see if I had a text message from the love of my life (Mishel), and to my great joy I did.

After reading her message I stood thinking about the words she wrote to me, then I decided on how to respond. I told her I had terrible dreams and how it was affecting my thoughts. I asked her for prayer. Prayer for strength and healing, and I told we God would know what to do with it.

Here's where things got interesting and I knew God was already listening as always to His children's needs. I clicked on my bible application (gateway), and clicked on my reading plans "Why does God love me?" and I pressed the "catch me up," on my reading plan as I haven't read from it in a couple of days. There were 6 different areas of the Bible to read from and can I be honest with you? I didn't want to read all that, but something made me read them and of course they were all great and I reflected and cried from the love God has towards us.

Here's what I wrote as a note concerning the last passages I read in the book of Luke: Titled "Even Though"

Even though

Luke 15:11-32

As I read in Luke 15, I was overcome by the love that my heavenly Father has for me but at the same time I realized something new.

In Luke it speaks about the prodigal son and what he did foolishly, and it also talks about what the compassionate Father did when his younger son returned home with nothing. But I realized this as well. The compassionate Father also was humble as we went out and pleaded with his oldest son who was angered by the attention the youngest son was getting.

This is a grand blessing indeed to have revealed to me. The compassionate Father is our heavenly Father. Our Father in heaven not only has compassion on us who misuse the blessings given to us by Him, but is also humble in His approach to those who have everything and still grow jealous and angered by others. Glory to you Father. Indeed Glory to You.

In all ways our Father and God knows exactly how to react and exactly how to speak to us His children. Thank you for that Father. You always amaze me by Your everlasting love towards us. 

**This love, compassion and humbleness is not just for me or the two sons we read about in Luke, but is also for ALL OF YOU.


  1. Flavio:
    I didn't know you had a blog. That's awesome! =)


  2. I sure do. Thank you for visiting it. What did you think of what I wrote?

    Please let others know about my blog...spread the word :)