Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The least seen as MUCH

[He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much]; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. (Luke 16:10 NKJV)

**This verse in scripture could keep us in deep thought for the rest of our lives, just like the rest of God's immutable word, but getting back to this verse: faithful in what is least. What is least to us? What do we not give a second thought to? Body movement. Breathing. Seeing and hearing. Ability to walk, talk, sit or stand.

Going to sleep in peace knowing you will not be raped, murdered, beaten, or kidnapped in the night, in your bed. What about waking up the next day in safety. Waking up period. These things we take for granted when others would be astonished to tears over our RICH LIFE of comfort.

What else do we not think twice about? Standing before someone who is with great joy to see us, embrace us and share a word with us, and we disregard them because we have an agenda. Such a saddening display before the Lord as He witnesses such disregard for a life. Indeed this is a sadness I have been guilty of many times, and have been that person joyous to see, embrace and speak, and I am blown off. Oh Lord! please forgive us for such shameful moments, and may we be strengthened and reminded to forgive one another as well. Oh yes! Father, thank you that we can indeed approach the throne of grace, pray by Your grace, and be answered through the name of Jesus our Lord of grace. I come to you and pray in Jesus name. Amen.

What else escapes our attention? Receiving every morsel of food and every drop of water we take in. Such are least to many. Yet, for those who do not have it, they consider it MUCH!

The list could go on and on...

**Sometimes our FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES in this country causes us to be blind to the greatest of God's gifts to us. I have certainly found myself eating without a second thought, or drinking without even a gasp of air realizing the sheer amazement and joy to be able to swallow, taste, and feel sensation of coolness going down a dry throat that thirsts. Have you?

Such disregard for the simplest of things, causes us not to experience the MUCH of God, and certainly not to be faithful in it. For the least in all our eyes should be received as the MUCH. Many times I have not humbled myself before the majesty of the Lord and the sheer goodness that should overtake me with thankfulness every moment of everyday I am given.

Yet in God's great merciful grace He humbled me, and although it hurt and shamed me to realize my mistakes and wrongdoings, the fact that I count all things now of much, causes me to rejoice! in the Lord!

At times I tremble at the blessing of food before me being succumb to tears, and the amazing grace of God as I look at a bottle of water in hand whenever I need it and drink of it. Such blessings have me in utter amazement of His goodness.

To regard such as MUCH that many take for granted will cause you to experience God in a whole new way, and take your faith to a whole new stratosphere.

It's my prayer for the greatest of blessings of grace in my life; your life; our lives, from God, will never seem least but hold the appropriate place as MUCH! and that is the Lord Jesus dying for our sins, and for all. Amen.

Oh Lord, your servant stands before you amazed and without words at times. Help him; help us rejoice and be faithful in the least, that you will honor us in the much. Blessed be Your name forever. Amen!

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