Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SUMthing to think about (a series) Part 4: "Just listening to a lie is not good"

[Matthew 4:17]

In this scripture it states; 'From then on Jesus began to preach "Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near."'

- All words have weight (a deeper meaning from how they are said, to what they truly mean) behind them, and as you read this part of scripture, know that you just finished reading how the enemy tried to tempt our Lord, and that our Lord was indeed speaking words of Truth to him (the enemy), as He heard the lies he was saying; (as you read throughout the passages in [Matthew 4:1-11]).

Therefore, this is what those words in the beginning of verse 17 (from Matthew 4:17) 'From then on Jesus began to preach...' is telling us;

-No one can speak of God's Word, unless he himself has lived it, seen it, and received it from God.

-This is the Truth that the Spirit of our Holy Father, our God can only show you (us).

[Even to give the enemy a platform to speak nonsense (foolishness) into your lives in his endless tempting; is Sin. Therefore, you are to 'Repent and turn to God.']

Children (and I say children, as you are all God's children), I pray, and plead with my Father our God, on all your behalf, for you to receive His Truth, from all sources that speak of His Truth, through His Spirit.

Only someone, who speaks of His Truth, which leads by example of Christ, can be a messanger of God's Word. Anything else, is falseness.

Beware of false prophets (anyone who says they come in God's name, yet stumble and fall, like a blade of grass when the winds [trouble] come blowing), as they will lead you astray (down the path that doesn't lead to God), everytime.

All my love in, and through Christ Jesus,


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'In the world, dependency is seen as immaturity. But in God's Kingdom, dependance on Him is a prime measure of maturity.'



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