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SUMthing to think about (a series) Part. 3 "Before our Beginning"

[A teaching on Matthew 13: 24-30/ Parable of the Wheat and Weeds]

Children! Children! If you have ears to hear, a heart to believe, and a mind to comprehend, know this Truth!

Before there ever was a beginning for us through all that was Him, He Himself experienced such wonder and deceit at the same time.

This is what my Father says, and shows me; 'Just as the one who has come before you and has shed the Light of me to all the world, so will my messengers on earth now. What I have laid before you, is the remnant of what took place where I dwelled.

This, "Beginning," sparked my perfect plan, that would allow you, if you had the faith to believe it, to see into who I am, and all that I have had to endure.

As I have said, "No one can speak of my Truth, if they have not seen me, and what I have placed before you, is exactly as I have gone through."'

-In the Parable of the (Wheat and Weeds), the Lord our Christ, has painted the perfect picture to the many, and His disciples, explaining what His Father, our Father, the God of all in Heaven and on Earth, went through before we would go through it. [This allows us to have faith and trust, if God can endure through it all, so can we.]

Just as the Christ, planted those seeds in us, towards a righteous living, so did God in Heaven do with all of His children before the earth was created. Yet, deceit took place, and the "enemy," who was a child of His at one point, called Lucifer, was the one who planted weeds (lies), into God's wheat (angels), and although lies were being said, and a rally was building up against God, for the ones who remain planted in the soil, and not entagled in the thorns, they went to the farmer (God their Father), and reported (spoke the Truth), about what they had heard, and seen (what the world knows it to be as Evangelising).

Of course, our great God, who is Example of everything, and how not to overreact, says "No, leave him be, and allow what is to take place, to take place, and all will be well." (This allows us to know, and have patience).

From that point, what we know now, and can rejoice in, was our Beginning, with Him, showing us, and leading us, to His Truth, and all that He went through, then we would come to love Him, and adore Him, just as you come to adore someone, who has wanted to love you, and showed how much they loved you with their honesty, sincerity, and eagerness to share everything about them with you, ALL THE TIME. *Food for thought*

Think back to that first love of your life. How were you towards them? How were they towards you?

For me, it was fantastic. Her, and I were the only ones that existed. We were in our own universe. Nothing else mattered, and all we wanted to do, is be with one another. It didnt have to be anything fancy, just the two of us, and it was perfect.

This is God, and how He is towards us then, and NOW. He hasn't changed, and He remains in that [First Love], therefore, if a relationship takes two, and He is still in love with us, let us all remain (or get back to) being in love with Him.

As it was known to the Creator [a rise, a fall, then the rise again to remain].

Once again, is was the same way with us. The rise (Adam and Eve), in perfection (with God), then Sin entered in (the fall), and humanity fell (without God). The Christ is given to us (a gift), and our PRESENT (the rise again, to remain).

This is why, we His messengers, say through a compelling force behind us; "Through Christ you will know life, and experience eternity with God."

Why, you ask? Because He had risen above all the sin in this world, to light the path to God for all of us. This is Truth!

It takes a divine act of God, to show us what must be done, in order to bring ORDER.

Children, I pray you will receive this Truth, and enlarge your vision, of all things that are of God, as He is in constant motion pointing the way to His Truth. It is all around us. It's in the bible, which is a compass for us, to fully grasp what is all around us; HIM!

Today, you have received the Truth! If you can accept it, count yourselves blessed.

Advice for Life: See it! Say it! Believe it! and all will be well.

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'In the world, dependency is seen as immaturity. But in God's Kingdom, dependance on Him is a prime measure of maturity.'



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