Friday, June 25, 2010

SUMthing to think about (a series) Part 2: "What's your Confession?"

The teaching on: [Matthew 4:10-11]

When Jesus says to Satan, "Get out of here, Satan," and in the next verse it tells us 'then the devil went away, [and the angels came and took care of Jesus].

-This is teaching us, that we accept, and/or deny him who is Satan (all things negative) freely.

In other words, what we confess, feel, visualize (can see for ourselves), is exactly what will be.

God is not limited, but we certainly can create limitations for ourselves, if we choose to.


Translation to the scripture above: "...and angles came and took care of Jesus.' This is saying, He (Jesus) Enlarged His vision. *Food for thought*

Be blessed children.

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'In the world, dependency is seen as immaturity. But in God's Kingdom, dependance on Him is a prime measure of maturity.'


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