Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Look to nature: Ants

This is what the enemy of all things, tries to deceive you with. The world would have you believe that in life, if you work very hard, you will be successful; just as an ant is depicted. This is FALSE!!

This is the TRUTH! My Father says, and shows me: "Children, do not be misled by the enemy, for the world would have you believe, that my ants (creation) work hard, but in fact they do as they have been instilled to do in their purpose. Nothing more, and nothing less. Therefore, do not add or subtract from yourselves, as you were made perfect from your creation (beginning), and when you add onto yourself, and your life, you add the enemy onto you. When you subtract from yourself, and your life, you are subtracting me from it."

As I have said, what you confess, is exactly what you shall receive. Therefore, if hard work, and money is what drives you, you shall be hard at work (not enjoying the simplicity of God's blessings), and you will remain chasing after money (as it is fleeting from our hands) till it hurts.

Remember, hard work was not introduced into the world, unto man sinned. Before that, it was all about God, and His blessing of paradise. This is Truth. *Food for thought*

Let it be so, if anything is subtracted (removed) from your life, may it be the world (corruption in it's maximum), and if anything is added (placed in) your life, may it be the example, love, and passion from Christ.

This is Truth. If you have received it today, count yourselves blessed.

Be well children.

All my love in and through Christ,

**"What does it matter what we think we know, in the end, there's no denying the Truth. Speak His Truth!!"

-Mighty Man of God

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