Monday, May 31, 2010

True Measure

Tonight, at Cinemark, someone responded to a movie title I wanted to see, by asking me this question. "Where's your man card." I tell you the Truth children, a man is not defined by what movie he watches, what clothes he wears, the "manly," language he uses, the way he hawks at women, or even the amount of success in this world he has ascertained. A True definition of a man is as follows.

What is a man? A man is someone who has strength of heart, and defines himself not by what he attains, or conquers, rather by what negativity (sin, falseness, corruption, lawlessness) he will not give into. Great definition of strong character: If at the end of the day, you look into the mirror, and the reflection is not of yourself, but of God, you have succeeded. *Food for thought* God bless

**"What does it matter what we think we know, in the end, there's no denying the Truth. Speak His Truth!!!"

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