Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Division of two

[Children, as I receive it, so shall you]

This is what my Father says, and shows me: "'Just as Satan cannot cast out Satan, as his unholy kingdom will fall,' the world itself cannot be divided amongst itself, but look around you! many companies, governments, and nations throughout the world turn on one another, and point the finger. The end result, is a total collapse."

I tell you the Truth children, as I receive it so shall you. I speak of nothing my Father doesn't show me, and I have not experienced myself. I live this life, of a man of God, and the straight and narrow is my name, and who I am.

Today, I was blessed to receive this teaching from God, and see it from example. [Manager against manager.] Two individuals full in this world, and of the same authority, betraying each others commands to their own subordinates. One says this is how paperwork is to be done, and the other (which is not around), says that paperwork can be done this way.

Once again, what is the end result; a total collapse. Employees become confused, frustrated, and unable to trust their managers "leaders" decision making abilities. The company, falls short of deadlines, and goals to be met, due to the morale being low.

I tell you the Truth children, just as a chicken who's head is cut off, runs amuck until it finally falls; so will this world, and all that is of it. We are at the phase where the world has had its head removed, and is running amuck.

This is Truth, and if you have received it, count yourselves blessed.

Be well children.

In Christ,

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**"What does it matter what we think we know, in the end, there's no denying the Truth. Speak His Truth!"
- Mighty Man of God

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