Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Seed

No doubt a seed dies onto itself, and breaks out, to start growing as it races towards the sun. We too, must feel and look to the Son to grow. And no doubt once the seed starts to grow and races towards the Sun, if it's overshadowed by something in its way, it stops growing as it no longer sees, or feels the strength, and life giving force of the Sun.

In that respect, the Son is the life giving force, and if anything overshadows Him, from our view or senses, we too stop growing; we remain stagnant.

Let us never allow any obstacle to hinder our growth, and just as the vein finds another way to reach the top, to embrace the Sun's energy, that gives it life, by latching to a towering tree. let us too, latch on to those who have ran the good race before us, and are with the Son, and the Father. *NEVER GIVE UP*

All my love to you all,
Through Christ Jesus.

***Advice for life: You have two ears, and one mouth. Therefore listen more, and speak less. You have two eyes, and two ears, to overshadow one mouth, therefore look and listen intently, and confess what you have seen and heard. *Food for thought* - There's plenty left. Get seconds

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