Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lake: Nature reveals all

I had the priviledge to see a mama duck with her ducklings right now. The mama duck hops out of the lake, and begins to eat food from the grass, and the ducklings move about the water's edge. The mama duck feeds as she walks alongside them.

Teaching: A parent will provide, and watch over you, but you are to know your purpose and keep moving along, knowing that all is well. Amen!

** "I look to you and you alone. Ah, my sovereign Lord. You keep me smiling indeed. My heart speeds up at the thought of you, and I am filled with endless joy from all that you are. It is you alone, that has me saying this aloud; Father! you are the captain of my fate, and the master of my soul. To you I bow. All my love to you Father; your Son." F. Lugo

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