Thursday, May 20, 2010

Water to Wine: First not Last


So many look to this first miracle to be awe inspiring, as it should be, but as God is all things, let us not get caught up in the physical/literal aspect, but rather the true meaning of this miracle.

John 2:1-11: [The text I speak on]

As the master of ceremonies tasted the water which was now wine, he says to the groom 'normally the best is served first, but you have saved it for now.'

This is what Jesus conveyed through this miracle, "The world says, you have experienced the best already and everything else is just mediocre, but my Father says 'the best is yet to come. Do not wait! for the world to tell you, what's best. It is never too late. Look to me, as I am here now. So enjoy all that I am; quench your thirst, my children.'"

Indeed children, we must look to God, in order to quench our thirst, and choose the best, knowing all that is of God, and promised by God awaits us. Just as Jesus showed His glory early before His appointed time, so is God in all His glory here for us now. Take joy in this.

*God is First and the Last. The enemy will (attempt) to come in some place, but will always succeed at failing*

Today, you have receied the Truth. Amen!

"I look to you and you alone. Ah, my sovereign Lord. You keep me smiling indeed. My heart speeds up at the thought of you, and I am filled with endless joy from all that you are. It is you alone, that has me saying this aloud; Father!, you are the captain of my fate, and the master of my soul. To you I bow. All my love to you Father; your Son." F. Lugo

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