Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turbulent Morning

My friends, today I come to you to express a deep trouble I have been facing. This trouble is called (doubt). I was doubting myself in many ways this morning, and I started to question everything. The more I question things, the end result with each question of doubt was God. What I mean by this is everything I was complaining about in my rant with my Father this morning, ended with Him being the answer to fixing the matter.

As I went on, and on, complaining to Him about all these worries as no doubt the enemy was attacking me this morning, I started to come across His embrace by way of His Word; His promise. What kept on popping up was 'If you will follow me, I will lead.' Another promise of His that popped into my mind was 'Endure to the end.' Then He placed this in my mind 'I will never leave you.'

As I was driving to work, by the time I arrived at work I was in better spirits, but the Lord felt me still uneasy, so a decision I have wanted to act on, but afraid to do so, He decided to answer it, as I kept saying to Him, I need to hear you, and I need you to do something for me, because I feel as if I am going to lose it, if you don't.

So my good Lord interceded on my behalf, and a conversation with a manager I have had a good rapport with, brought ease to me, as she looked at me as I was walking to my department, and although I was trying to hide my sadness, she saw right through me (as the Lord will always bring Truth to light), and she asked me 'Is everything okay?' and I opened up and discussed with her what was weighing on my mind, and she eased a pain in me with her response.

The Lord wasn't done with me yet, as He is a God of abundance. Therefore He went on to place in my path as I was working a particular individual who started to ask me questions, and He asked me if I started my ministry yet. I said yes, but on the internet. Then I went on to express my desire to lead a campus that might come to pass through my church, in New York. I told Him I have prayed on this, and if the new church was to be in Upstate New York as I have prayed for, it would surely be Him answering my prayer.

Later this same person, asked me (as no doubt the Lord was still not done with me); Does your wife support your ministry? So, I opened up and said to Him that we were seperated going on a year soon, and as we discussed marriage, and other things, he opened up and shared with me a short period where he and his wife were seperated, and a pastor of his told him this: 'Do you remember what was in Jesus way when he ressurected Lazarus? this individual responded 'yes, I remember that passage.' The pastor went on to ask another question. 'Do you remember what was in Jesus way? this individual said 'a rock.' The pastor then asked him, did Jesus remove the rock? my friend said 'no, someone else did.' Then this individual, look at me, and the Lord shined through him as he ministered to me. He said that Jesus will make a way, but there will be times you, yourself may have to remove the rock.

At that moment I knew what was troubling me, had been answered, and I had to persue what was on my mind, and in my heart, if I wanted to receive God's blessing.

I tell you the Truth my friends, God truly works in mysterious ways, and when you speak to Him, whether in a soft tone, or a yell, He hears you, and He answers your prayers.

I give much praise to my God, as He has kept His promise and has not left me. Although, we His children leave His presence constantly, He never leaves ours. Now that is worthy of praise.

God bless.

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