Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look to nature

As it rains today, I look out the window from my livingroom, and I see a big bird fly to a tree top, and settle there. 

I look to the ground, near the edge of the lake, and there is a flock of birds gathered together motionless, as the rain pours down on them. Why don't these birds move, as the rain pours down on them hard? They bask in God's glory.

A lesson is to be learned here. A duck has wings and can fly, just as a bird has wings and can fly. Yet, a duck will not fly to a tree top for shelter, where a bird will. A duck doesn't look up to the tree and think; why can't I do that? Just as the bird doesn't look to the duck, and wish he could swim in the lake.

The birds, and ducks remain all together, and even if one looks different, they do not count them as different. How easily we turn our backs on those who are different in our lives? Don't count yourself greater, because you are different, but rather give God the glory you are blessed with your talents, and count yourself equal amongst your family, your friends, your peers, your employees, and your co-workers, and when the Lord returns what you haven't put aside greedily, and counted yourself better than, will be given onto you in great abundance for all eternity.

We humans can look out to nature, so easily to see the glory of God, and who He is, but we choose not to.

We humans, always want what we cannot have, and will go to great lengths to try and attain the unattainable. Why can't we just look to the birds, and the ducks, and see that they are equally beautiful, equally blessed with talents, and equally know their purpose?

They don't quarrel over what, is what. They just are. 

My friends, it's my greatest joy to see God's children realize the simplicity of life, and I long for the day, when all of us will just be. Let us pray:

Father, may you easily display your goodness in our lives, and allow us to see your goodness through your eyes. We thank you for all of your beautiful creations, and we praise your name. May we uphold Jesus, for his namesake, Amen!

Matthew 6:26 (New Living Translation)

  Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are?

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