Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Epic Quotes 2015 (part 29 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

701. “To all men, women and young ones alike. You cannot find your identity or purpose in someone you’re living with, sleeping with or married to. They aren’t all powerful, all knowing and certainly cannot be everywhere all the time. You must look higher! You must look to Christ. For in Him, you meet face-to-face with God and He is the source of life even eternal life.” 10/13/15 

Inspired by two distinct things, seeing with my own eyes someone say “pura vida” a.k.a. “Pure Life” concerning food that is here one moment and gone the next. Eaten one moment and released out the body the next and someone who engages in everything their live in boy friend does yet her own identity is tied up in him and what others do and have. Lord, this is great sadness. Let it never again be so with me, and I pray, even now, you will do away with the weakness in that family, and it will never again be for them as well. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


702. “Spouses, you have to be the #1 fan and head cheerleader of your husbands and wives, or you allow another to take that place, and in doing so, you allow Satan to gain the upper ground where separation and division are the result.” 10/14/15 DON’T DO THAT! 

703. “Parents, if you’re not being the encouragement and leadership your children have and look to, they’ll look elsewhere. This allows Satan who is the ‘god of this world’ to influence and lead them, and his path leads to destruction.” 10/14/15 DON’T DO THAT! 

704. “We as the human race must acknowledge Jesus as Lord, and ‘anyone who declares that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they live in God.’ If we become worshipers of the One True God of heaven and earth our choices are holy—this includes the way we treat our spouses and the way we raise our children. If Jesus is Lord, there is no divorce; there are no broken homes.” 10/14/15 Amen! 

705. “We should never be ashamed to share our hearts and concerns with others appropriately. Men-to-men—women-to-women. Yet we should never seek to tear someone down. If our words hurt or offend them although it wasn’t the cause or aim to do so. Kindness, gentleness and prayer will lift them back up. But let there never be a premeditated or deliberate moment of tearing someone down, for God cannot excuse that nor will he approve of it—Do all things in God’s grace, peace and love.” 10/14/15 

Inspired by a text conversation with someone concerning reaching out to people to only ask for something rather than to be a blessing to them. Thank you Jesus it all worked out well. You are good! 

706. “Before there can be any prayer that is powerful, confession must be made and emptiness must be experienced so that intimacy can be established, so God can use the newly sharpened tool and fill the newly emptied vessel.” 10/15/14 

707. “Ladies, sometimes it isn’t about the time, it’s about the man obeying God. Be at peace. Be patient. Trust the revelation. Allow God to fulfill His Word. The man isn’t going anywhere if he is faithful to Christ and neither should you.” 10/16/15 

Think About It, then adjust your course back to being on His where your future husband always was.

708. “When I said to the Lord Jesus back in 2009 that I couldn’t follow Him unless it was personal. I came to know that the relationship between Him and I would not only be personal, but also intimate and powerful. Not only is my relationship with the Lord of heaven and earth, personal, intimate and powerful. Truly, it’s quite UNCOMMON.” 10/16/15 The extraordinary can indeed be at work in “Us.”

709. “When you’re a product of your environment, upbringing and the way your parents conducted themselves around you. If it was a poor example, it will take Jesus to break through those strongholds to show you the right way, the actual truth and the life you were created for and called to.” 10/16/15

710. “Don’t receive an “A” in effort and an “F” for disobedience.” 10/17/15

711. “The scriptures are clear. The revelation the Holy Spirit gives a man is easily understandable—for the doubtful, unbelieving, frightful, disobedient people, who complain at every turn, what would take a short while for God to produce blessings for a hopeful future that would span multiple generations even forever, will turn out to take a roundabout way, even the remainder of our days. Let us not forsake the Word of the Lord due to our impatience that gives way to every other form of wickedness.” 10/17/15 (Exodus 13:17-18 inspires!)

712. “God is impartial in every way, so we can trust Him always.” 10/18/15

713. “The One that is Freedom and always was free and meant to free, let Himself become a captive and taken away for our sake—this is Jesus!”  Blessed be His holy name forever! Amen. 10/18/15 9pm

714. “Lift your voice to God in praise if He counts you worthy to suffer as He has suffered—for when you are betrayed, mocked and abandoned, you have suffered as Jesus our Lord has suffered.” Blessed be His holy name forever! Amen. 10/17/15

715. “The promises of God are just that! The promises of God. If a man delivers God’s Word and revelation in which is promise, God alone fulfills it and in His timing. Be at peace. Be patient. Trust in the promise.” 10/19/15

 716. “The Lord has no equal. What He has created both in heaven and on earth, within the grasp of His right hand He holds it altogether. Let us fear Him. Let us praise Him. Let us obey the Voice of the Lord God who is Holy.” 10/20/15 

Amen. Inspired by Psalm 40. Praise you Jesus! Thank you Father. 

717. “Father, I thank you even now. The crowns you have placed on our heads when we believed in the name of your Son, Jesus our Lord, will never fade nor ever have need to be replaced. Yet, a more praise worthy thing is made known Father. For when we, the redeemed, stand before Jesus our Lord, we will gladly take off our crowns and placed them by His feet. For He alone, is worthy of the crowning glory forever and ever.  Halleluyah and amen!” 10/20/15

718. “You say, you’re a Christian. I say, ‘prove it by the life you live.’ Christianity isn’t busyness. It’s intimacy with God. It’s holiness to God. It’s being light to this world and salt to the earth, and they both are to God’s glory and praise, revealing and exalting Jesus—The Son of God.” 10/21/15 Halleluyah and amen!

719. “When a man lived a selfless life, helped you survive and saved your life, his last words to you have great meaning and remain the strength and purpose of your life forever—this is Jesus!” 10/21/15

720. “I may know sadness and a broken heart over God’s people forsaken Him. But I want this to be known both now and forever. It will not hinder me in any way from responding in that appropriate manner to what Christ did for me and for all on His Cross. With me, it will remain obedience and faithfulness to the Lord Jesus forever! Amen.” 10/21/15

721. “Everything is relational. So if you conquer and master that portion of your spiritual walk with Christ, all else is a breeze!” 10/22/15

722. “Through intimacy there is obedience. Through obedience there is intimacy. In all things God is faithful and makes Himself known.” 10/22/15

723. “You cannot read the Bible as any old text book or piece of literature. You must read it with spiritual eyes and ears, with a spiritual heart and mind. Otherwise when God speaks in which is His Word, you will not be able to hear, discern, believe and and obey it.” 10/22/15 

724. “From the beginning and when all else fails, trust in Jesus.” 10/23/15

725. “Concerning Jesus Christ: His love just like His wisdom never fails.” 10/23/15

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