Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Epic Quotes 2015 (Part 2 of 33)

Every divinely inspired insight and truth from God made known to me that I recorded down was just another step leading me into the glorious future He has for me, and with each letter typed and word recorded down, closer I came to the point of a new year. God is faithful. Below are all those quotes recorded down for the year of 2015 and they are indeed epic! Thank you Lord! I pray, you will read through all of them, be lead to pray to God because of many of them and will come to know Him more and my joy that is Jesus Christ the Lord. YOU ARE LOVED. With that, I now invite you Into My HEART that pens down faithfully and accurately all that the Almighty speaks to me.

26. “It’s the act of desperation while fulfilling God’s Law that enables us to attain our goals without sinning.” 2/25/15

27. “Placing our unwavering trust in Christ saves us from the eternal affliction that is coming.” 2/25/15

But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved
The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!
And you shall call His name Jesus.

28. “If you have seen someone walk by you today, then give thanks to God!  For Jesus is the Breath of Life and nothing was made unless it was made by Him, through Him and for Him. Therefore rejoice! As everyone you see today including yourself has experience God’s grace.” 2/25/15

29. “‘I’m not asking you to understand. I’m asking you to trust me.’ The world says this over and over again and wants us to quickly say yes. However, if God says this the world responds with a resounding…no!” 2/25/15

30. “What does it matter where she be at? All that matters is that she be.” 2/26/15

31. “If you’re going to desire a position and you attain it! Uphold that position, give yourself entirely to that position. Cherish that position and always see the privilege of that position. Only then, will you excel in that position.” 2/27/15 Whoa!

32. “There’s no better thing for a woman than to produce life and have children. However, there’s no greater thing for a mother to do than to dedicate her child to the Lord.” 2/27/15 (Hannah speaks! 1 Samuel 1–2)

33. “There ain’t no half stepping with the Lord. Determine now and weigh the cost of doing life with or without God and commit to it! Only you can know what you will have to give up and many will witness what God will give to you in exchange.” 2/27/15

34. “Luke Warm feelings, convictions and motives cannot resonate in hearts of men if they want to know and see the Lord.” 2/27/15

35. “It’s not only in the simple things we must trust God, it is in the difficult and hard to give up that we must also trust Him. Faith is not some hocus pocus make believe magic. It’s seeing God at work through the most difficult of situations and circumstances when we have trusted His good name and faithful character to accomplish what was humanly impossible for us to do.” 2/28/15

36. “Listen up. Everyone who receives Christ, receives God. Everyone who receives Christ is now of God. Everyone who is of God is loved by God. And if loved by God, and if of God, and if received by God, know this—you are certain to experience the heart, mind and spirit of Christ living in you and through you!” 2/28/15

37. “Your faith grows when you trust the Lord. However, your faith explodes when you follow the Lord.” 3/2/15

38. “God’s call isn’t the simple picking up of a phone we all know. It’s our response to His divine will. In order to fully grasp a conversation we must remain in on the conversation. Therefore, endure the call, the Lord has placed upon your life.” 3/2/15

39. “If not by God’s hands, it won’t last.” 3/2/15

40. “In marriage it can’t be about one or the other it equally has to be about both. Just as in a wedding it can’t be about one or the other it equally has to be about both. In that you would have fulfilled the command of Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you.” This is His unconditional and sacrificial love at work.” 3/2/15

41. “Where others have failed Christ will succeed. Let your spouse love you just as they can. This is the secret, this is the mystery to building intimacy.” 3/2/15

42. “Building intimacy in a marriage is not unattainable. It is allowing the character and personality your spouse has been given, to flourish and not diminish.” 3/2/15

43. “God can do anything. It’s not my job, duty, responsibility or position to limit my experience of what He can do by being specific in my requests to Him concerning what I want. Now it’s our privilege and always shall be, to behold His glory—that which is always unhindered and boundless!” 3/2/15

44. “Men, if you are in Christ, you are more than a man. You are a renewed man overcome by the love, grace and mercies of God. Live your life accordingly.” 3/2/15

45. “It’s an amazing thing that happens to a man’s heart when he’s confronted by Jesus and receives Him well. The old heart crumbles away and the new, implanted by the very hand of God, never ceases to experience His love, His love, His wonderful love!” 3/4/15

46. “A broken heart is not mended by Jesus, it’s replaced with a new one!” 3/4/15

47. “In knowing Jesus going on six years now, I can confidently say this. God does whatever He wants. It’s always good, but He does whatever He wants.” 3/4/15

48. “I thank God that He shows His grace and mercy to whomever He wants. This doesn’t mean God is arrogant or snobbish with His nature. However, it does mean He is unrestrained by our own prejudices and will impart His good nature to whomever He wills.” 3/4/15

God is not limited to or impressed by our poverty or riches, our stature or lack thereof. He is moved by His own—His own love, His own grace, His own mercy, His own compassion for that which He created in His own image. None of us and I repeat. NONE OF US are more or less important to the Lord. We are equally loved and cherished by Him and our situations, circumstances and surroundings do not dictate how He will respond to us.
Our material wealth or lack of it does not affect His response towards us. Whether we grade our good or sinful deeds on a scale compared to the next man does not affect or dictate His response towards us. Nothing in all of Creation affects God’s sovereign nature. It stands alone. How I thank God in Christ, that I don’t need to deserve or earn such lavish love from Him. All I need to do is accept it and believe in it. Praise the Lord.

49. “Singleness is not a curse just as marriage is not a curse. They’re equally from God, therefore, they’re both a blessing.” 3/4/15

50. “The great debate over being single or being married and what is best ends now. They both begin and end with God. Whatever the choice, in Him, they are kept and bless by God.” 3/4/15

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